Who is LittleSwitchBitch?

whi is LittleSwitchBitch

I’m LittleSwitchBitch or LSB and welcome to my blog 🙂 

 Before I continue I must say – the veil I wear is fairly transparent so therefore, it wouldn’t take much to piece me together and if you figure out who I am, then please don’t ‘out’ me. I am really honest about who I am and all that I do. However, my anonymity is very important to me.

Who is LittleSwitchBitch?

LittleSwitchBitch is me, and I am her. LittleSwitchBitch is the side to me that I hide away from everyday life because she is a little outspoken, unfiltered, opinionated, and utterly passionate about sex. And when all those traits get mixed up together sometimes they can be a little too much for the mainstream, day to day real life world. 😉

I am a pansexual cis woman who is very happily married to my partner in crime. Usually referred to my OH, or Sir in parts, throughout my blog, he(straight, cis male) is the missing part to my jigsaw piece. We have been together well over a decade and are in a monogamous relationship.


Throughout all areas of my online presence you will see the following and in all honestly it sums me up perfectly.

“LSB is a #ProfessionalWanker, Sex Blogger & Adult Product Reviewer • BelfieTaking, BourbonDrinking, Body and Sex Positive Pansexual • A Hedonist • And a Lover of Kink, Lingerie, Strong Coffee and Sunshine •


I’m a Taurus – which essentially makes me a loyal, stubborn pain in the butt. I’m also painfully indecisive regarding certain things and usually have an issue at picking a favourite anything. It’s always about my mood – colour, song, food! I can never pick a favourite. 

One thing I am most definitely 100% on though is I love sex.

I am a self-confessed sex addict. Researching new ways to get new levels of pleasure and telling you all about it is exactly what LittleSwitchBitch is all about. Ever since I experienced new vibes, new materials, and the new technology used to make sex toys, I knew I’d sparked a new addiction. 

If I was asked to describe myself in a few words –

Sex, coffee, sun, and music addict who loves dressing up in lingerie and heels and getting her ass smacked. 

Why did I start LittleSwitchBitch and what can you expect to find here?

LittleSwitchBitch.com was born on the 8th of April 2016. The blog went live and is active since May 2016.

I wanted a platform to speak about issues that I feel need to be spoken about. I am quite passionate about wanting more folks to be more safety and health aware with regards to having a healthy sex life so I have written many posts on tips and tricks that I have learned or researched from using the right lube, to tips for anal sex and even ways to practice safe electrosex and ways to play with wax in bed.

I’ve also written about many topics that have affected my sex life at various points in my life from not having sex and being frustrated to using self impact play as an output in the hope my experiences may help others! My BDSM Diaries section is full of posts about us together, how we play, and even what happens when we don’t. It is constantly being updated because we still haven’t stopped the journey.

And lately, much to my own surprise, I have even started some real-life erotica – something I never thought I would be able to do. I am actually quite proud of those pieces so if you have read, report back – I would love to see what you think.

LittleSwitchBitch is also full of reviews too from vibrators, dildos, BDSM equipment to sex machines, lube, lingerie, and more….

And of course, I cannot leave this page without mentioning images….

My blog is full and I mean FULL of images. Most of which are self-portraits. I adore photography – I love to use it as a way to express feelings, moods, who I am. As a result, I take part in lots of image-focused memes which you can find linked below.

Sinful Sunday

Lingerie is for Everyone

February PhotoFest


More LSB elsewhere….

LittleSwitchBitch also runs Quote Quest – a weekly meme where you are given a quote and you allow it to inspire you…. Words, an image, whatever works for you! QuoteQuest is a safe, inclusive space. Regardless of your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, this space is sex and body positive.


Accolades for the LittleSwitchBitch blog:

In 2020, it transpired that Kinkly actively promotes unsafe spaces to their readers so I have requested that I am removed from their list.

2020: Part of the Top 50 kinky and BDSM blogs on Sexual Alpha

2020: Kinkly Sex Blogger Superhero ( #30 on their overall list)

2019: #22 Molly’s Daily Kiss

2019: Kinkly Sex Blogger Superhero ( #30 on their overall list)

2019: Kilted Wookie’s Naughty List

2018: #12 on Molly’s Daily Kiss

2018: Kinkly Sex Blogger Superhero ( #30 on their overall list)

2018: Floss’s Top 20 Lovlies

2018: Kilted Wookie’s Naughty List

2017: #13 on Molly’s Daily Kiss

2017: #77 on the Kinkly list (#30 on their overall list)

2016: #34 on Kinkly and #5 on their newcomer list



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