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Hello and Welcome!

I’m LittleSwitchBitch or LSB and welcome to my blog 🙂 

 Before I continue I must say – the veil I wear is fairly transparent so therefore, it wouldn’t take much to piece me together and if you figure out who I am, then please don’t ‘out’ me. I am really honest about who I am and all that I do. However, my anonymity is very important to me.



I’ve made so many attempts to write this About LSB page but I never manage to finish it, well until now I guess. Check back again and I’m sure I’ll have tweaked it again in some way. And I’m now I’m sat here wondering what else to write… Things like this always make me anxious- What to write?  Will people actually want to know?

I’m gonna write what comes to my head and whatever else I’m missing you are more than welcome to contact me via Twitter or the contact section here! So here we go!

So who am I?


I’m a lass in her 30s based in Ireland. I met the man that stole my heart roughly 12 years ago. We were friends first and I fell in love with him before I even kissed him (I didn’t think that was possible either). It seems faith brought us together, given the circumstances of us finding each other and we are now married. I love the bones of him and at every given chance, I am searching for new ways to please him, look after him and obey him. I have written about our life here and I am in the process of delving deeper, each post I write. He is my world <3




I’m a Taurus – which essentially makes me a loyal, stubborn pain in the butt. 

I’m also painfully indecisive regarding certain things and usually have an issue at picking a favourite anything. It’s always about my mood – colour, song, food! I can never pick a favourite. 


One thing I am most definitely 100% on though is I love sex. I am a self-confessed sex addict. Researching and sussing out new ways to get new levels of pleasure is exactly what I want to spend my time doing. Ever since I experienced new vibes, new materials and the new technology used to make sex toys, I knew I’d sparked a new addiction. 


If I was asked to describe myself in a few words


Sex, coffee, sun and music addict who loves dressing up in lingerie and heels and getting her ass smacked. 

Why did I start littleswitchbitch and what can you except to find on here?



LittleSwitchBitch.com was born on 8th of April 2016. The blog went live and is active since May 2016.

I started littleswitchbitch.com because I wanted my space to voice my opinions. I wrote reviews on other sites for about 2 years previous to starting up my own blog but I wanted the chance to speak out more freely about my experiences. Anything I’ve reviewed can be found in my Toybox (Toys/Bondage/Essentials) and if you are interested in Lingerie, you can check those reviews here

I also wanted a platform to speak about other issues that I feel need to be spoken about. I am quite passionate about wanting more folk to be more health aware with regards to having a healthy sex life. I’ve written about many topics that have affected my sex life at various points in my life in a hope my experiences may help others! 


As well as being very sex-positive, I am also very body positive.


I really enjoy taking part in  Sinful Sunday – a meme based on images speaking more than words. Sinful Sunday has really sparked my hidden creative streak. I had watched from afar before finally plucking up the courage to take part SinfulSundaymyself. SinfulSunday is an amazing community,  full of fabulous people. My confidence has come on leaps and bounds since joining. As well as that, I have learned love, sex and kink has no age – something I guess I should have known before. Each week, I share a snippet of something we/ I have gotten up to.  At the start of each month, a prompt is given. We always do this as a couple – it gives us the chance to be creative together as it is something we always do together. And I love this <3 Prompt week really warms my heart.

If you have gotten this far, thank you for reading. Thank you for your support <3

If you want to work with me, contact me using the contact form below or at lsb@littleswitchbitch.com. Maybe check out my policies page first as it might answer some questions you may have. 



– LittleSwitchBitch x

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