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Affiliate links are used throughout my site! Any items which feature affiliate links will have it clearly stated at the end of the post. Any items which happen to have these links in will still be reviewed honestly – what I think, you read! The fact it contains an affiliate link doesn’t mean it will automatically be a product I love or will sway my opinion! If you happen to use these links, I’ll get a small percentage which will not cost you anything extra. I personally, thank you for supporting my blog!


I am as open as I can possibly be on here without actually giving you my legal name. As this isn’t my full-time occupation and I have a job that requires me to leave my house, I have to keep this side of my life a secret! I wish I didn’t but unfortunately, part of my real-life requires me to be around people who are judgmental. For this reason, I would appreciate anyone who I have given personal or postal details to keep this information private and not to share it with anyone without asking my permission first in the form of written consent.

Please don’t use my twitter/blog name / or anything relating to littleswitchbitch on postal labels/ public conversation on social media etc. I will remind you of this when we converse in emails! This is very important to me.


All content featured on littleswitchbitch, written or photographic, unless otherwise stated and appropriately linked is the sole property of littleswitchbitch.com. You are more than welcome to use my content as long as I am credited with a link that directs back to the original featured post! I do ask you don’t alter any of my work before you quote it – written or photographic and also limit it to a few sentences.  I would however, appreciate you contact me first before using my content. Anyone who uses my content without crediting me or my permission to do so will be subject to copyright infringement. 

Working with me: 

If you are interested in working with me, please find more information about me and how to contact me here. I am also happy to be contacted on twitter too.  I am happy to review toys, lingerie, bondage items and some essential items. 

It is worth noting I won’t review items that aren’t body-safe or harmful to my body in any way. I would appreciate unless previously discussed, you contact me before sending me items as there are some items I won’t review! Please don’t expect a positive review in return for you sending me an item(s). My honest, impartial, unbiased thoughts will be given, be that positive or negative.

**All items sent to me which are subject to handling fees/custom charges must be paid by the sender. LittleSwitchBitch is not responsible for these charges and will contact you directly before accepting any item sent. Companies who don’t pay custom charges – I won’t review the item sent – I will remind you of this when we converse. 

I usually try to have items reviewed within 6/8 weeks. That is subject to change depending on the item – sometimes items can be reviewed sooner, sometimes they can be longer depending on the item in question. If for whatever reason there is a delay, I will contact you directly regarding this. 

I also review items in order of when they went sent. Once I receive your item, it will be at the bottom of the queue, unless previously discussed an alternative way. 

Please be aware that this page is also subject to change if I feel I need to add/ remove anything to it. By reading the above you are agreeing to my terms and conditions, if you wish to continue, I look forward to working with you. 

Thanks in advance,

LittleSwitchBitch x

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