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Sinful Sunday

Candlelit Dinner – #SinfulSunday 469

April 4, 2020 14 Comments

Wine…. Candlelight… and it seems I am dinner…. “Knives and Candlelight” he said, “how romantic”. – Nenia Campbell or in our case, scissors… you can read more about that night…

Sinful Sunday

Feeling Safe – #SinfulSunday 466

March 14, 2020 14 Comments

“And eventually you realize that real love comes down to feeling safe enough to be vulnerable” ― JmStorm Check out more of my Sinful Sunday images here Feeling Safe –…

Sinful Sunday

Teach for #SinfulSunday 465

March 7, 2020 19 Comments

  “The word ‘teach’ suddenly conveys a sense of menace that is foreign to me.” ~ Anna Bayes Check out more of my Sinful Sunday images here Teach for #SinfulSunday…


Back in time for Food4Thought

March 1, 2020 10 Comments

There are a lot of content warnings for this post: Physical violence towards a minor (not sexual); rape; death of a parent  Please do not continue reading this post if…