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Defy the darkness, Define the light

by LSB

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” ― Anne Frank


This quote has been sitting in my bank of quotes for months and I had plans to try to capture an image to go with it but alas, time isn’t on my side. Originally my plan was to use it as a SinfulSunday post, but I figured I should release it out via Quote Quest to see what everyone else does with it. 

To me, we all have the opportunity to decide whether our candle lights up the room or do we quench it and allow the space to darken instead? I think we actively make choices, regardless if they are directly or indirectly made and the result then affects what happens next.

Depending on good or bad brain days for me, I can make choices that may be poor and can often cause detrimental ripples throughout aspects of my life. On a good brain day, this may not have been the case.

I am not diagnosed nor do I need any medication to function. My good/bad brain days, I have learned, are based on fluctuations in hormones and more often than not, issues occur just before I am due when my hormones peak. I don’t turn into a ragey bitch – no, instead I turn into an emotional wreck if the circumstances align. 

Overall, I try to defy the darkness and use that energy to define the light. I am very much for positivity and pushing happiness, love, and kindness into the world in a hope that the world will in turn do a full circle.


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