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Would you rewind? 

by LSB
Would you rewind

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West


I find myself struggling with this quote. Can any of us do it right? 

It isn’t me being negative or even pessimistic but we can’t all go through life living it the right way. I know there are so many times that if I had a remote control with a rewind button that I would go back and change it. While the other side of me disagrees – no LSB, you are who you are because of the steps you have walked and the life you have lived so far.


What about you? Would you rewind? 

Then there is the other side of it – would I want to live again if I got the chance. Honestly, I feel myself sitting on a fast, bumpy roller coaster every time I read the quote unsure of which road I really want to take. Realistically I am going to stay on the road I am on because I don’t have the chance to rewind but say I did have the chance… I think I would go back. There are so many things I would say that I didn’t, so many things I did that I shouldn’t, memories I should have made but never got the chance to – my dad, of course, is at the heart of all those wishes. My heart aches every day that he is no longer here – things I should have done and said and sadly, I will never get the chance to. 

Time. Time is a funny thing. In different situations, we have far too much of it but overall never enough. For me, once isn’t enough.

If I were to take my dad out of the equation, then I am happy with the steps I have walked and the choices I have made. I wouldn’t go back. Yes, I have arsed up, many times but they have made me the strong, resilient woman I am today.

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