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Connection is King

by LSB

“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”- Brené Brown


I totally agree with this quote but to be honest, I am fast learning I agree with a lot of what Brene Brown says.

The thing with me is I am super soft. I am a total ball of squish and no matter what it is a switch that is very hard to power off if you manage to switch it on in the first place. As a result, I do leave myself very vulnerable. I don’t just mean from a kink point of view, of course, it could be totally just about that too. No, I mean from a love and life point of view.

I am a very passionate person and again, I don’t mean from just a bed/sex point of view either here. I mean life in general. I throw myself 100% into whatever it is I am doing. Being this way means I am vulnerable to people taking the piss however I don’t do any of these things to experience connection. I do it because it’s how I am wired.

However, if we were to speak strictly about bed, kink or sex then yes, of course, it is all about the connection for me and because I want to experience that connection, as a result, I am, in turn, left vulnerable.

Overall it hasn’t bitten me in the arse many times throughout the years because like Shrek, I too am a bit of an onion and there are always more layers of me to get through. Not as many as my OH mind, but I have layers all the same. I could confidently say he has managed to crack through quite a lot of mine but after this length together it’s only fair to say he has.

As a result, I am exposed. The inner workings of my brain have released things I have never said to anyone and my body has allowed itself to be explored in ways I haven’t with others too. Time gives trust and trust gives vulnerability but vulnerability gives connection. To me, connection is king and it is what I need to survive.

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