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You2Toys Vibrating multi-pump and masturbator

by LSB
“The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well.” – Sigmund Freud ***** When this quote was forwarded to me as a suggestion for this week's prompt, I will admit to pausing and wondering if I should use it. The quote can be broken down and looked at in many ways and the reason I opted to use it was for me personally masturbation needs to be spoken about more and more importantly the stigma around it. So I decided to go ahead and use it. There still is so much stigma attached to masturbation, even now in 2021(!!!) which in itself should be shameful to even write. But sadly, accurate. Personally, I find there is more stigma attached to it when someone speaks about a person who is female or was assigned female at birth. If you have a cock, it seems to be your god given right to have a wank and shout about it. However, I refer back to my tweets a few weeks back that I shouldn't be using the words 'wank' or 'jack off' because I, myself, don't have a cock between my legs, which in my opinion, is a load of horse shit. My thoughts, my opinions, and my choice to use whichever set of words I feel fit. Women and folks that have been assigned female at birth suffer huge erasure when it comes to pleasure in general but even more so when it comes to masturbation. I even find it seems ok for us to use toys because the industry has literally boomed but when it comes to actually getting in touch with yourself, learning what your body tick seems to still have a very shushy shushy vibe to it yet the act of self care is widely promoted. Masturbation is self care - touching your body and knowing what makes you tick is self care. Passing all those tips onto your partner(s) is self care! Full disclosure, I hadn't ever heard of Sigmund Freud when this quote was forwarded to me. I read the words and I pondered if folks truly would have something to say about them. While I see what is wrong with the quote, I equally see a positive side too. To me I see “The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well" as a way that you should be trying different things to figure out what works for you.. ie. if you try x, y or z and it doesn't get off well maybe you need to go back and try a. I am fully aware the wording of the quote is wrong and using the word shame adds a very different tone to the quote. To fully understand Freud, I did go reading a little bit about him and decided to swiftly close the page after I read something on the lines of women being disadvantaged because they don't have a penis. So yeah… I won't be doing any more digging on him. Anyway, back to the quote - long story short, we are all entitled to pleasure regardless of how we identify or what is between our legs. Shame and masturbation should never go together in the same sentence unless that sentence is - "break the shame associated with masturbation".

I’m a fan of penis pumps due to enjoying the sensation they can give me when in use and so when combined with a masturbator it surely has to make it even better? That’s where the You2Toys Vibrating multi-pump and masturbator comes in, because not only does it function as a pump but it has a vibrating masturbation function as well giving you different options in the one package.

The box of the You2Toys Vibrating multi-pump and masturbator is pretty standard for something from You2Toys, it has product shots and plenty of information about the toy on the outside, then within is the main pump in a plastic bag with a user guide in multiple different languages.

Out of the packaging, you get the pump and double side grenade style pump ball, one side labeled pump, and the other masturbation. Up top is the speed control/on and off dial which also unscrews and 2 AA batteries (Not included) is used for the vibration and below that is a vacuum release button. The battery compartment can be removed from the pump cylinder for easy cleaning of the sleeve which is done with a twisting and pulling motion.

The main cylinder (17.2 cm deep) with measurements on it and sleeve are see-through with the sleeve having a dotted internal texture enabling you to see yourself in the toy and what is happening. The dotted pattern of the sleeve runs the full length of it so no matter how big you are you should feel it.

The tubing going to the pump is 49 cm long so should provide enough length to have your arm stretched comfortably when squeezing the pump ball for either of the functions of the toy.

Using the pump side of the pump ball the device acts like a standard pump whereby it sucks the air out and creates a vacuum. With the masturbation, side air is allowed to flow inside the pump which then allows the sleeve to become tighter and it creates a blow job suction effect. When it came to using the pump I lubed up, slid into the sleeve and attached the ball on the pump side whilst pressing it against me, and then squeezed away.

With a good seal around me and the pump, I was able to feel a nice vacuum which got stronger the more I squeezed the ball hard. I could feel the dotted internal texture of the sleeve on me and it all felt nice and somewhat comfy or at least as comfy as a strong vacuum sensation could feel.

I don’t use pumps for training and more for the vacuum sensation, and with this, I felt what was on offer here was good if not great. There was a tightness but not quite as tight as I like it, although for others who don’t like it as tight then this may be good.

To be clear it does its job as a pump, it’s just for me theYou2Toys Vibrating multi-pump and masturbator isn’t the most amazing pump ever.

Having used the pump I then put batteries in the top, flipped the pump ball to the masturbation side to try that out.

There is no on and off button, rather you rotate a dial up-top to turn the vibrations on and then turn more to increase the speed going the other way to decrease and then turning off the vibrations.

Upon switching the vibrations on I noticed how loud it was even on the lowest speed setting and this only increased as I upped the speed. This volume I realised is caused due to the section inside the pump that allows air in and out, this touches the pump cylinder and the vibrations hitting the plastic make a loud noise.

Noise aside, the vibrations on offer here are more of a buzz, and while it can go quite high it’s still only ever buzzes. The vibrations do travel through the sleeve quite well but I didn’t find them to be particularly impressive on their own.

When using the pump ball on masturbation it pulls the sleeve in tighter and tighter as you pump allowing for it to hold onto you and you go in and out of it or pull it up and down on you depending on the position it’s used in.

I could feel the dotted texture quite nicely but that’s all it was, a massive array of dots that once covered in lube didn’t do all that much as you get used to them and there are no other textures to vary up pleasure. The vibrations did help the pleasure a little but they were just more of an extra side thing rather than being the main function.

When used as a masturbator I wasn’t all that impressed tbh, it felt like a basic masturbation toy with buzzy vibrations and the simplest of sleeves albeit with the needed to use the pump ball to get a tight sleeve.

Cleaning after each use was easy as the battery/vibration part can be detached from the pump cylinder and sleeve which can then be washed and dried on their own.

Overall thoughts on the You2Toys Vibrating multi-pump and masturbator

As pumps go, this one seemed interesting with its added vibration and masturbation aspect giving you two options in the one package but I was a little disappointed with it.

As a pump, there’s nothing wrong with it, and if you’ve never tried a pump then this does exactly what you’d expect. It’s just not the best pump I’ve ever experienced so for me it’s not as nice as I’d like.

As a masturbator, I feel like it’s too basic and doesn’t do a lot to make things pleasurable.

The vibrations are loud even on the lowest speed, and as high as they can go they don’t do all that much in terms of pleasure on their own.

 As a pump, it does the job if not spectacularly, and as a masturbator, I’m not 100% convinced with it.

Thank LSB for the guest reviewing privileges and Orion for supplying the product for review.

You can buy your own You2Toys Vibrating multi-pump and masturbator here


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this You2Toys Vibrating multi-pump and masturbator for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

No affiliate links have been used in the post.

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