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And we are off….. Every damn day in June 2021

by LSB

I really debated if I would have time for Every damn day in June 2021 and realistically I probably don’t but I am jumping in anyway!

I took part last year for the very first time and overall, I actually really enjoyed the experience. Lockdown has actually been…. well while it has been very shit, it has actually pushed me out of the comfort box and has me writing a lot more than I ever have before. My blog is no longer flooded with reviews and images, but personal pieces and even a bit of erotica! And of course, the creation of Quote Quest too came about this time last year too!

I have absolutely no idea what you can expect from me this year except I am here and I am hoping to get to post as much as possible throughout Every damn day in June 2021 <3

Today you are getting an image I actually shared yesterday because for my first post I actually wrote about quickies for QuoteQuest! See you all tomorrow <3 x

Every Damn Day in June

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