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HurtMe MEO Arabica Flogger

by LSB

Sweet Jesus. I literally died and melted into a puddle when I saw this flogger and the need took over. Thankfully it arrived in the box for review with other goodies from Meo! Shout out again to the very epic nipple suction cups, that are in the box too – anyone into nipple play should own these!!

Isn’t it the most beautiful flogger?!! I am in actual love here folks. It looks good, it smells good and more importantly, it’s heavy and I *know* It’s going to feel good.

That zebra wood handle has just wowed me over – I adore it and think it perfectly complements the nubuck tan and black leather just perfectly. As I mentioned, the flogger smells so good, and when I retrieved it from its clear plastic packaging I was automatically greeted by the earthy, sweet yummy smell that not only makes me happy but fills me full of lust and need, which I actually wrote about here and I actually used an image of this flogger for the post.

 I am a huge flogger lover and for me, each flogger has its own uniqueness – each feeling different depending on the weight, material, force of use, and intension behind the strikes. I have also noticed during our time playing with impact toys that floggers can change how they feel. Well obviously not the flogger themselves but how much body and skin perceive them and I have not experienced that with any other impact item.

So how did I find the HurtMe MEO Arabica Flogger in use?

The flogger is approx 30 inches and there are 18 strands of soft leather in the HurtMe MEO Arabica Flogger – all tied together and bound in a beautiful crisscrossed pattern at the end of the that stunning zebra wood handle.

This HurtMe MEO Arabica Flogger is delicious and delivers epic soft, thuddy blows that make my toes curl and my body ache for more. It is dreamy and I am sat here smug and wanting more as I think back to our play sessions with it. As I expected the impact it gives runs deep if there is power behind them however don’t be fooled into thinking it can’t be a sensual lover too because it can. That soft nubuck leather feels justsl as good ran along the skin softly as it it does hard.

The only thing I would find wrong is there isn’t a hand strap for the flogger and if your hands are slippery, the polished handle offers no grip except two ridges at either side to hold onto so it worth noting this before play.

Overall though, I adore the HurtMe MEO Arabica Flogger – it will live beside my favourite flogger.

Get your HurtMe MEO Arabica Flogger here.

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