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You2Toys Fuck me twerking style Masturbator

by LSB
You2Toys Fuck me twerking style Masturbator

I find realistic life-size dolls fascinating but due to their size amongst other reasons, I would never like to own one. Despite this I have always been curious about realistic toys that are like specific sections of a doll, these are much smaller and for me, they would allow for a semi-realistic sensation of anal/vulva penetration or in some cases they might have a penis.

So with the above in mind, when I saw the You2Toys Fuck me twerking style masturbator I was immediately interested in how nice it looked and was curious if I could get the sensation I’m after and whether it was a nice toy.

Firstly, the box the toy comes in is a nice red colour, has product shots front and back with various bits of information on the toy itself.

On one side though It has a headline and slogan that took me aback when I first saw it, saying: “size matters” and then “Anybody who claims otherwise is not telling the truth”

I just don’t like what they’re saying here, and the way it reads, because even if it’s referencing the toy and not a penis like I assumed I still think it’s not great to see. Some people might be self-conscious about their size (I know I was for a bit) and seeing it printed on the side of the box for a toy will reinforce the notion of size being important rather than saying that any size is perfectly fine.

In the box is some instruction/manual paperwork and the main toy itself which is held in nice with some moulded plastic, that is it.

The masturbator is made from TPE and in the hand it feels slightly tacky with some rough spots but other than that it is like most other toys made from the same material so it’s nothing great but not bad either. The TPE material does pick all manner of hairs, fluff…etc and constantly requires cleaning which again is natural with this material and other toys made from it but with this one, it just seemed to be a bit worse.

The main toy has 2 large butt cheeks with a semi-realistic vulva and a hole above for the ass. There are two further holes on the underside which can be used to insert bullet vibes.

When first taking the toy out of the box I noticed the vulva was bright pink as if the colour has been applied sloppily to it but this soon wore off and I didn’t notice it transferring to me when I touched it.

The vulva section has a dotted internal texture with the ass having a grooved texture.

Both sections have decent sized opening and I found it slightly difficult to slide in with ease without having to get hands-on, and this means when you pop out during use you can’t quickly slide back in.

The bottom of the toy is nice and flat meaning it’s easy to place it down on a surface for hands-free use. When using it on a hard flat surface it doesn’t suction/stick to the surface as well as I’d like and it moved about too much. There’s no sliding mind you but it’s more lifting up on either side and the back.

With lube on myself and some in the toy. I found the pleasure from both vulva and anal holes to be reasonable and nice, if somewhat underwhelming.

I didn’t feel the textures all that well as if I was just sliding over them because of the lube, also both dotted and groove textures have no real difference between them.

I used the toy sitting flat on my desk as I stood going in and out. I then used it in a vertical position as I lay on my bed as if someone was on top of me going up and down and upside down so that the vulva and ass are in a more natural position rather than switched for the twerking look.

Each position provides nice pleasure but nothing special and nothing to get excited about.

The realistic design helps in giving you the chance to penetrate the toy in realistic ways that a regular style masturbator can’t allow for, particularly the visual aspect.

The two bottom holes meant for vibes are more suited to slightly shorter bullet vibes, but I only had a single slightly longer one available to try and even as good a vibe as it was the vibrations didn’t quite come through the toy all that strongly.

Two vibes might work better but in all honesty, I don’t think it’s worth it unless you already have several vibes in your collection or those of a partner that you can use to test.

As mentioned, the TPE material can pick up all manner of hairs, dust, clothes fluff….etc but cleaning is pretty easy since you can run water over it from the sink, when in a shower/bath. It can then be placed on a clean surface to dry.

The fact the box has moulded plastic makes it easy to store the toy after use although as the box isn’t discreet enough it does mean you likely need somewhere big enough for the box to go or if using the plastic bag it came in somewhere for the toy to go.

Overall thoughts on the You2Toys Fuck me twerking style masturbator

The idea of a semi-realistic toy that I could use to simulate sex, in the absence of it for me, was something I was looking forward to in the You2Toys Fuck me twerking style masturbator.

Unfortunately, while it’s not a bad toy by any means I felt like the textured internals did little for me. There was a pleasure but it was limited and did little more than what I can get with a basic masturbator or even my hand

It’s a reasonable toy to look at and it does provide some visual sensation but again with limited pleasure as mentioned above it didn’t do much for me in particular.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending the You2Toys Fuck me twerking style Masturbator for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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