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Luscious Leather Loveliness #QuoteQuest

by LSB

You know how Homer Simpson drools over doughnuts – yeah? Well, that is a true reflection of how I feel when it comes to leather.

I have always loved the smell, even as a child going horse riding, leather belts around the house etc – the smell has always given me pleasure. My nose is super sensitive and it can easily pinpoint smells quite accurately much to the astonishment of others. However, me sexualising the smell of leather and getting actual pleasure from it came many years later when we started dipping into impact play.

I truly believe there’s a smell fetish. In fact, I know there is because I have one. There is something so arousing about opening up a new impact item, be it a flogger or new cuffs, and smelling that deliciously sweet, musky, earthy aroma.. holy God, I can almost feel myself get wetter knowing at some stage the entire room will smell like that when it is used.

I even have a leather scented car air freshener that honestly makes me so happy. My OH luckily for me is also into the smell and as a result, a lot of the aftershaves I buy him have leather notes going through them. Another way to feed my leather smell fetish 😉

When we are going to play and I get asked to pick out items beforehand, more often than not it will be a collection of leather cladded items mainly floggers as they are a favourite of mine right now. I like to take them out, let the air circulate through them, even sometimes flog the air so the smell enhances and the entire room starts to smell delicious before one strand hits my flesh.

Writing all this makes me yearn for an impact session. It’s been so long since we have gotten to play due to having teens in the house and never having free time.





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