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TENGA New CUP Series Gentle/Strong comparative review

by LSB

Having completed a comparative review of the old Tenga Standard Cups I now move on taking a look at the Gentle and Strong Editions of these cups.

There are 3 different cups available both in Tenga Strong and Gentle Editions and these are as follows:

  • The Original Vacuum cup
  • Soft Case Cup
  • Rolling Head Cup

Both Strong and Gentle Editions vary in what stimulation they provide, while each individual cup has it’s own features and they all provide pleasures in different ways.

For the Strong Edition, Tenga states “Constriction and stimulation to the max! For those looking to take things up a notch.”

For the Gentle Edition, Tenga says “Encase yourself with gentle stimulation. For those who like delicate sensations.”

My takeaway from the above is that the strong edition has tighter internals allow for extra pleasure through being able to feel the textures against your penis shaft, whereas on the gentle edition the internals are not as tight, and as the name suggests it allows for a softer more gentle feeling during use.

Just like the Standard Cups, these Strong and Gentle Editions are disposable and come pre-lubed for convenience.

Again just like the Standard Cups, the internal sleeves are all using the same TPE material and each cup has detailed internal textures with varies between each cup, along with all cups having an air hole to allow for extra suction if so desired.


The Original Vacuum Cup Gentle

When it comes to stimulation/pleasure, the Original Vacuum Cup Gentle has a soft sleeve that isn’t very tight and it does provide what Tenga say is “delicate sensations”
The cup doesn’t have any major features and is more simple in terms of being a general masturbator in use out of all the Tenga Cups

Being able to slide in and out of the sleeve with relative ease does give a certain type of pleasure from the in and out motion, while also allowing for a slow soft feeling stroking sensation from the internal texture.

The air hole works well in providing a little suction to the toy and changed up the sensations slightly.

The Original Vacuum Cup Strong

The strong variant of the Original Vacuum Cup lives up to it’s name by having a tight internal sleeve as Tenga says provides “Constriction and stimulation to the max!”

When inside the sleeve the tightness of it allows you to better feel the internal texture against your penis/shaft, and in use you are able to feel the texture providing you with pleasurable sensations.

Being a tight sleeve makes it a little less smooth in action compared to the gentle version, but it allows the texture to be felt more. You also have the air hole to further add extra suction and get a slightly tighter feel to an already tight toy which is good if you like that.

Rolling Head Cup Gentle 

The Rolling Head Gentle just like all the Gentle toys has a soft sleeve that provides “delicate sensations”
This is a cup that allows you to rotate it around your shaft and penis head, and the gentle variant makes it easy to get the perfect rotation motion for pleasure while still feeling nice and soft.

As it is soft that however restricts being able to get maximum pleasure as it doesn’t quite hold you in tight to really allow the internal texture to press against your penis shaft and head although using the air hole does provide some suction to help.

Rolling Head Cup Strong

The Strong variation of the Rolling Head Cup provides a tighter sleeve which IMO helps to really get the most out of the 360 degree rotation.

Being able to have you tight in the sleeve allows the internal texture to be felt more on your shaft and head especially when the cup is being rotated in use and when pressed down on your penis head.

The added suction from the air hole enhances this sensation of tightness and adds to the pleasure.

Soft Case Cup Gentle
The Soft Case cups allow for squeezing in order to alter the pressure within, and on the gentle variant it takes the soft sleeve it does add a little extra pleasure while still offering “delicate sensations”

Although the sleeve isn’t tight the added benefit of the squeezing is in allowing the internal textures to be felt on any part of your penis when you squeeze which is likely the part you get most pleasure.

The air hole adds the right amount of suction when stroking but also helps with the squeezing you do to provide the best pleasure it can.

Soft Case Cup Strong

The strong Soft Case Cup again has a tight internal sleeve to allow the textures to be felt on your penis but the feeling is increased when it is squeezed again your shaft.

You feel every texture giving you every bit of pleasure as you go in and out of the sleeve with how tight it is and then the various sections of you penis have this increases with squeezing and like the gentle/standard versions you can squeeze in the exact position which you get the most pleasure from.

The air hole and the suction it gives heightens the pleasure of not only the textures against your penis but the in and out motion when combined with the fact that the sleeve is tighter.

Overall Thoughts on the TENGA New CUP Series Gentle/Strong comparative review:

I was expecting the Gentle and Strong cups to be an open and shut case of  “Get the strong cup if you like it tight” or “Get the Gentle if you like it soft and delicate stimulation” and while that is true to a degree I found in my case it differed depending on the cup in question.

In all honesty, the 3 cups that are part of the strong and gentle variation of Tenga cups are really good, they provide excellent pleasure and for a first-time toy user they are perfect thanks to being disposable.

Original Vacuum Cup

With the Original Vacuum Cup, I found the gentle to be my preference as it allowed for a nice and smooth stroking motion and combined with the pre-lubed sleeve offered a very pleasurable experience.
For a first-time user looking at a simple masturbator, I feel like going with the Gentle allows them to get used to using a toy and then if they desire they can move onto the strong and see what their particular preference is.

Rolling Head Cup
with the Rolling Head Cup, my preference was to go with the Gentle variant and use the rotation motion to great effect with the soft sleeve allowing for easy motions giving good pleasure.
On the other hand, the strong was able to use the tighter sleeve to great effect in feeling the internal texture due to the sleeve being tighter.

Soft Case Cup
With the Soft Case Cup, I had a preference for the strong with this.
The feature of the cup in being able to squeeze the cup against your penis made the tighter sleeve of the strong work better in order to allow the internal texture to be pressed against you more and then to be able to feel it when stroking.

Combined with the suction when covering the air hole I found the pleasure from stroking to be excellent.

Thanks once to Tenga and LSB.

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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the Tenga standard cups range for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed of the Tenga standard cups are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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