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XouXou Rabbits – Super Soft Silicone

by LSB

Always exciting getting to test out a new brand and this time I have not one but two of the new XouXou rabbits to try!

What drew me into trying these out was the super-soft silicone they are made of. I am a huge lover of squish. I think I have an odd pubic bone but it hates anything extremely hard banging against, hence why I am not a fan of texture either. Anyway, squish is where I am at and overall, my body gets on with rabbits as a whole so we were off to a winning start.

There are 8 versions of the XouXou rabbits to choose from thrusting to estim to rotating and suction. I chose the soft, flexible version and the suction version.

Each of the XouXou rabbits comes with an instruction manual, a charging cable, and a storage bag. I was instantly wowed at how squishy the flexible rabbit is. I mean, are there any mechanical bits in it – it is super squishy. I am in love with how soft it is!! The entire rabbit from the one-button interface all the way to the top of the shaft is squish – it almost feels like a dual-density toy. The flexible rabbit has quite a defined phallic style head, while the suction version, hasn’t.

The suction rabbit is far firmer with the exception of the bulbous top, which has a decent amount of squish to it. The suction rabbit also has 3 buttons and a silver plastic bit at the bottom.

As mentioned the suction rabbit has three buttons – the one closest to the silver controls the vibrations, the one in the middle controls the suction and the one at the top is suction only and cannot be used in conjunction with the vibrations. It is an instant power on/power off function.

Honestly, I am not really impressed with either of the XouXou Rabbits – I find both of them have extremely buzzy and weak vibrations and I struggled to get off with either.

The suction function is actually a suction function and not like a Womanizer/Satisfyer as I expected – I kinda thought it may be similar to the Satisfyer rabbit. The arm isn’t flexible enough it hit my clit how I need it to and when I manipulated it to fit – the suction wasn’t strong enough for me to experience any pleasure. On top of all that, it is super loud.

I do enjoy the head of the flexible rabbit though. It feels quite pleasurable in use and that pronounced ridge feels lush. I would have liked the option of being able to separately control the clitoral arm and shaft because the arm is extremely buzzy while the shaft could redeem itself singularly.

The only positive from these two for me is using the flexible rabbit anally. The clitoral arm makes it anal safe and that squish actually makes me feel awesome in use. I have kinda adopted it as a squishy butt plug and it gets a two thumbs up from me for that.

Get your flexible rabbit here or your suction rabbit here

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I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orion for sending me the XouXou Rabbits in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself.

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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