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The intimacy of sharing food

by LSB

“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.” ― M.F.K. Fisher

Ah – I adore this quote. It gives me all the feels. Food is a huge thing in our house. We generally all eat together and talk about each other’s day etc. I think food has the power to draw folks together from all walks of life.

When I read this quote it automatically drew me back to the time when my OH and I shared a box of jellybeans from the Jelly Bean Company. I am sure if my OH reads this given the amount of amazing food he has cooked throughout the years, the last thing he would expect me to write would be that day but honestly, it’s what pops into my head.

We had just gotten together and my OH had gone through an airport quite recently to this moment and picked up some of those beans. While they are widely available now, they weren’t back then. Anyway, we shared a box together. Each fishing out the same colour and feeding the other trying to guess which flavour was which. It is a memory full of playfulness, giggles, and just a general carefree time that makes me bubble and smile at the thought. It was the beginning of what we have blossomed into, neither of us knowing exactly where things would go. It was such a simple thing, but oh so intimate.

The act of sharing food with another person is simply magical regardless of what that food is.

I love nothing more than sitting down, indulging in proper good food, decent conversation and just getting lost in that moment.

Also linking up to this week’s Kink of the Week – ‘sploshing’ and while sploshing isn’t something we have majorly dabbled in, we have been known to bring food into our bedroom shenanigans. I remember years ago we were drinking Bailey’s years ago and we brought it into bed with us and one thing led to another and soon both of us were covered in it. While fun at the time, it’s not something we have indulged in since because quite frankly the stickiness outweighed the sexiness.

I can however see the appeal of sploshing though.

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Bee May 3, 2021 - 6:03 pm

Nawwww! This memory is just lovely, you made me smile the biggest smile.


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