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Tenga Standard Cups Comparative Review

by LSB
Tenga Standard Cups Comparative Review

As someone new to the Tenga Standard cups range of disposable masturbators I was highly keen to see just what they offered since I have been impressed with other Tenga toys in the past.

In the range of standard cups, we have 5 types each differing from one another in several ways.

The 5 standard cups available are as follows:

  • The Original Vacuum cup
  • Soft Case Cup
  • Rolling Head Cup
  • Dual Sensation Cup
  • Air Flow Cup.

Each cup is disposable, comes pre-lubricated for convenience and all that is required for use is to remove the wrapper from the lid/cover.

All but the Dual Sensation Cup have an air hole up the top of their case which can add extra suction to pleasure when covered, the reason for this lack of air hole being on the Dual Sensation Cup is that it has 2 openings with the rest only have a single opening.

The internal sleeve of the cups are all using the same TPE material and each cup has detailed internal textures with varies between each cup.

All cups incorporate a smooth pad insertion mechanism which Tenga says offers extra adherence, air tightness, and less lubricant leakage plus it will automatically apply lubricant as you insert your shaft.

Below I will compare the various aspects of each cup to each other.


On the surface outside they all look the same size but The Original vacuum, Dual Sensation, and Soft Case cup are of a similar size with the Rolling Head and Air Flow cups being slightly smaller


The Original and Air Flow cup has the most vacuum to them with the Rolling Head and Soft Case Cup having slightly less with the Dual Sensation Cup having the least amount of vacuum I would assume due to it having two openings.

Stimulation/Pleasure of each cup

The Original Vacuum cup

When it comes to the stimulation/pleasure offered it’s The Original Vacuum cup that IMO has the most stimulation. The layout of the internal texture and special valve structure which provide excellent suction help in giving this the most stimulation and pleasure.

Rolling Head Cup and Soft Case Cup

The Rolling Head and Soft Case Cup are next up in terms of stimulation, not quite as good as the Original Vacuum Cup but still pretty good.

The Rolling Head has the unique aspect of providing its stimulation through a 360-degree range of motion and spiral-shaped middle which can be pressed down to pleasure the head of the penis.

The Soft Case Cup, on the other hand, can be squeezed at various points on your shaft to direct the pleasure and one good aspect of this as Tenga says is “you’re given a ‘squeeze out’ sensation once you’ve finished.”

Dual Sensation Cup and Air Flow Cup.

While the Dual Sensation and Air Flow Cups have IMO the least sensations on offer compared to the other cups they are still very pleasurable.

The Dual Sensation Cup as its name implies has two openings allowing for double the pleasure whether both at the same or one at a time. As Tenga says “The “Tough Side” firmly tightens while the “Tender Side” gently stimulates.”  and this gives you two distinct pleasures to enjoy compared to the other cups which only allow for one.

The Air Flow Cup has as Tenga put it a “unique spiral-ribbed sleeve”. The sleeve also allows extra softness via “Air Cushion Chambers” and allows for changing of air pressure to transmit via the internal nodules of the sleeve.

Overall Thoughts on the Tenga standard cups

All 5 Tenga cups provide really good sensations and for the first time toy user, any of them would be perfect to start experimenting with toys.

For myself, though I found the Original Vacuum Cup to be my favourite, as the suction alongside the internal texture allowed me to feel the nodules at work and provided the type of pleasure I enjoy.

If you’re keen to have sensations in specific areas of your penis liked the head or part of your shaft, then the Rolling Head Cup and Soft Case Cup are the two that will cater to you while their internal texture gives you good pleasure.

The Dual Sensation Cup is excellent if you want double the pleasure in one toy, or if you are keen to test out the difference between a tighter and more gentle side to see what suits you best.

The Air Flow Cup with its specific Air Cushion Chambers did provide good pleasure, and if you’re after a soft toy then you get it here, although it wasn’t my particular favourite.

Thanks to Tenga and LSB.

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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the Tenga standard cups range for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed of the Tenga standard cups are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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