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Being a Sadist isn’t my Kink #QuoteQuest

by LSB

“Pleasure is sweetest when ’tis paid for by another’s pain.” – Ovid


I am not a sadist.

In fact, I am as far away from being a sadist as I am straight. I don’t relate to the quote and as a result, I have really struggled to pen thoughts for this week’s quote. I actively try to not hurt others – in any shape or form. I wouldn’t have one sadistic bone in my body and I don’t understand how anyone could get pleasure from inflicting pain on others.

I am however a masochist and I adore being at the mercy of my OH who identifies as a sadomasochist.

I asked him about the quote and while he can easily detach from the pain aspect he says he does struggle when it comes to me. However, knowing I enjoy it helps balance his emotions. He said “inflicting pain on you, gives me pleasure because I know it gives you what you need and in turn completes the circle.” I had planned to get more from him on this but time isn’t on my side this week 🙁


"I'll stop when you come"

I was going to tie my name into this post but personally in my opinion someone who identifies as a sadist or a masochist doesn’t necessarily have to identify as a dom, a sub, or a switch. Folks can be into all those things without being interconnected. That said if you were to relate them then my name is lie as I am not a switch! I can have switchy tendencies but not if there is a love connection there because I really struggle to hurt those I love.


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Bee April 26, 2021 - 5:53 pm

I’m with you on this, I have no idea how people enjoy hurting others. That’s about as far away from who I am as you can get. Your and my OH’s are very similar, they seem to enjoy giving people what they enjoy/need rather than hurting someone for the sake of hurting someone.

PL James June 27, 2021 - 12:46 am

As a submissive, I had long been wanting to explore getting a whipping. I had never experienced it, but wondered what it would be like. But I always felt like there had to be a reason. In the end, I came across a lifestyle Dominatrix who wrote “I whip you because I want to whip you, because I am a sadist, and that is what turns me on.” That was very liberating for me, because the idea of doing something wrong, to actually deserve a whipping, is not my thing.


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