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Doc Johnson Kink Swell Nipple Sucker Cups

by LSB

My nipples are seriously sensitive and are the switch that needs flicking to get me going. As a result, I love nipple play – teeth, lips, kisses, clamps, suction, vibrations! I am always on the lookout for nasty clamps, decent suction cups, or even better either of those that vibrate. Strong, decent vibrations attached to clamps or suction toys are a really rare find.

So I signed up to test these Doc Johnson Kink Swell Auto Vibrating Nipple Sucker Cups to see if I could finally find the holy grail of nipple torture play! A battery-operated toy that not only has an automatic suction function but also has a vibrating function, each side of the suction cups can be controlled independently

As packaging goes, I quite like the Doc Johnson Kink Swell Auto Vibrating Nipple Sucker Cups. Usually with this kind of product you see tacky nudity style boxes, however, these are actually quite tasteful. As far as I am aware there are other products in the Doc Johnson Kink range however we haven’t had the fun of testing those out, yet 😉

The Doc Johnson Kink Swell Nipple Sucker Cups are battery-powered, yes – actual batteries and as readers know this is really the bane of life because I never have any in – however, my youngest wanted new batteries for some unicorn toy and she had begged new ones so low and behold there was no waiting around a week to test this out!

I happened to equally have a free house the same day it arrived so I got super excited when I open the box that I tested them out straight away!!

Holy sweet Jesus y’all – these Doc Johnson Kink Swell Auto Vibrating Nipple Sucker Cups can really suck!!

I opted to power it on first and then attached each cup. I have found this to be the more successful way especially if you are playing alone. Also, each cup needs to be attached otherwise it won’t form a suction correctly. The set vibrates as well as this function can be controlled independently! As you can see below in the image below there is an L and an r button, which controls each side.

There is also an air release button too which will reduce the air pressure in the cup if it gets too much! I use it to release air and I let it build up again before releasing – I do it quickly so it feels like a thumpy kind of pressure. Kind of similar to having my nipples tugged. Oh and all the buttons are instant reaction – power on/power off happens with no time delay!

I love the control handle for these too- it is designed in such way my hand can cup it while my thumb and fore finger hold the waist of it – it fits as if my hand was made for it. Very well designed. The entire piece is very well made. While I don’t like the fact it battery powered, I can see why it is too! You never need to remember to put it on charge. I would recomded removing the battery after use though as previous experiences with battery powered toys have shown me, they die even when no in use!

So how did I find the Doc Johnson Kink Swell Auto Vibrating Nipple Sucker Cups?

These are epic!!

Honestly – the first time I attached them I got up and walked around the room not holding the unit. I let it pull down on my nips wondering if the weight of the battery pack/control would break the suction and to my utter delightment, it didn’t! I have searched for a long time to find suction cups for my nips that provide that intense pain that gets me off and oh sweet lordy Jesus, these Doc Johnson Kink Swell Auto Vibrating Nipple Sucker Cups are heaven-sent. I will admit the vibrations are nothing to write home about – they are buzzy and kinda meh but really I don’t care!

This set is so easy to use on my own and has become my new wank time best friend! If they die, I’ll buy another. Absolutely deliciously painfully nip fun! I am in love! Doc Johnson – you have nailed it!


Get your Doc Johnson Kink Swell Nipple Sucker Cups here.

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