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ArcWave Ion Stroker | Guest Review

by LSB

I first saw the Arcwave Ion in 2020 via the promo video for it on YouTube and couldn’t help but be intrigued by such a flashy video and what sort of pleasure might it bring. Being someone with a penis had me wondering what sort of orgasms I could get from the Arcwave Ion with the claims of “experience a Female Orgasm”, and how it might “Hit the right spot” as they say.

Frenulum stimulation is the main aspect of the Arcwave Ion and for me I know I can get some great pleasures from it so going into this review I know it’s something I would hopefully enjoy, although not everyone likes stimulation of the frenulum or at least those who have tried it in the past.

The Arcwave brand is part of WowTech who is more likely known to some via their We-Vibe and Womanizer brands, the latter of which I can only assume is the inspiration behind this Ion concept as they share similar tech between them.

First Impressions

First things first packaging, and honestly, I have to hold my hands up and say WOW.
The packaging for the Ion is second to none and it honestly feels like you’re opening a tech product rather than a sex toy.

Housed within the excellent box in their own foam type inserts is the main Ion unit, the Ion charging/drying, and storage base, some documentation then finally a further box inside the dock which contains some sample Arcwave Pjur lube and a right-angled micro-USB cable along with what is termed a DryTech’ sachet.

Arcwave states the ion as having an 85 minute charge time resulting in 60 minutes of runtime and this for me is reasonable both in charge and runtime.

The charging is done via the storage base which is also used for drying and storage all in one and this is an excellent way of handling all 3 options and makes it so much easier and convenient compared to other toys where they have to be laid on a surface to charge or dry and have no way to store in an easy manner
The storage base looks really nice, and I honestly wouldn’t have a clue that it was a sex-toy-related item if I never knew, so if you happen to have it out for say drying then no one will know what it is.

The only other toy brand I’ve experienced with a great emphasis on storage, drying charging is Tenga and I love how they do it, so to see Arcwave have thought about it and implemented it in such a good way just adds to the experienced even after you’ve finished using the toy.

On the subject of drying, the Arcwave comes with a DryTech sachet which is similar to something like a silica gel and is meant to be placed inside the storage base when drying the toy in order to help keep it fresh. In the manual, it is stated that you can re-use the sachet by drying it in a microwave but you can also buy extra sachets if needed.

The main Ion unit consists firstly of what is called a CleanTech Silicone which Arcwave says “Keeping your Ion fresh has never been easier. Arcwave’s CleanTech silicone is super smooth, hygienic, and durable. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish.” On the bottom is where you find a nice solid base with 2 metal contacts use for charging and then 3 main buttons in a +, – and mute style button for the Smart Silence™ function of which Arcwave say

“It’s only on when it should be on. Smart Silence starts and stops stimulation automatically as it senses skin contact. Finally, smart technology that just makes sense.”

The 3 buttons are nice and clicky with a good feel to them so they’re easy to press when using the toy.
I found no real distinction between each button which can result in pressing the wrong one but that’s a minor issue. If there’s one thing I’d like to have seen Arcwave do with the Ion then it’s to add a little bit of colour, the actual unit looks pretty nice in terms of the design and as much as I like black I think could have looked a lot nicer with even just an accent colour around the edges or something.


When it came to first use I found the size of the Ion to be smaller than I had thought it would be, maybe this was down to having only seen product shots of the device online.  Despite this smaller size, it felt comfortable in the hand while still having a good weight to it.

I powered on the toy after a charge and a customary rinse of the sleeve then lubed up both myself and the sleeve ready to go for some learning of the toy. By default, the Ion starts up in the Smart Silence mode and as I slide into the sleeve the toy rumbled into life but then nothing and this continued for a few minutes but then having dried some excess lube off myself and the toy I powered it on again and things started working as intended.

The Ion comes with technology known as Pleasure Air™ which is more commonly found on womanizer toys for those with a vulva but to quote Arcwave they say

“Experience a powerful new type of stimulation based entirely on changes in air pressure. As the world’s first product to target the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum in this way, the Ion promises some of your most intense orgasms yet.”

This Pleasure Air™ tech targets the frenulum and the way it’s implemented on the Ion means It will likely take several uses to find out how best to get it to work. While using the Smart Silence mode I found it initially to struggle to work, but as above I had to remove excess lube and even wiggle the little Pleasure Air™ part before I got things to work which they did really well.

Being able to have the toy working only when you’re inside the toy and over the Pleasure Air™ part is a great idea, and as someone who can start feeling sensitive at a time during fun, I like the idea that moving myself away will stop the toy can help, plus it might be good for those who might need to be a bit discreet and may want to quickly silence the toy for second or two.

Away from the Smart Silence mode, there are 8 different intensity levels to the toy and they go from very low to quite high which is nice, but the highest intensity level can be very loud which for some may not be ideal.

As mentioned above, it definitely took several uses to fully find out how to best make the toy work for me and when I did get it right all I can say for the second time in this review is WOW. The Ion is only the second toy I have targeting the frenulum but honestly, when cranking the intensity level to high I found the Pleasure Air™ tech to work wonders for my penis/frenulum giving me some intense pleasures. This highest intensity can really shake the head of my penis and when I got the right position it would send waves of pleasure right through me like no other toy has. I can have an educated guess and say that the pleasure I’m experiencing is via the Pacinian which Arcwave says the Ion targets and again I guess this must be part of the frenulum.

Yes I’ve experienced this sort of frenulum stimulation in the past but not quite to the degree the Arcwave Ion does it, and possibly the previous stimulations were not hitting the Pacinian pleasure receptors that are advertised by Arcwave.
When considering it’s a rechargeable device not plugged into the wall, it makes it in my eyes even better than I can get such amazing pleasure.

While direct frenulum stimulation is probably the main appeal of this toy I also found using it in a somewhat stroker type motion also worked just as good if not better in some situations. I wouldn’t say to thrust in and out of it like you would a masturbation toy, but just using rocking movement on the head of the penis right by the frenulum produced for me some awesome pleasure when I wanted to vary my fun, and this was also helpful for me to find out the best spot to get maximum pleasure.

The Ion is also waterproof so can be used in a bath or shower which can add to the pleasure if you like to have fun that way, plus it makes it helpful when drying as you don’t need to worry about how wet it gets.

The sleeve is made of CleanTech Silicone and while I did find it to be super smooth I also found it was easy for the sleeve to pick up dust, particles, and all sorts and general.
This is something I find with lots of silicone toys and isn’t a negative, but with the Ion, I noticed it quite a lot especially when drying even with a freshly washed cloth/towel so it’s something I felt I should mention.

On the topic of drying, I found the storage base was excellent at allowing the Ion to dry and having to worry about it sitting on a towel or where someone might see it. One initial issue I had was related to the DryTech sachet and where it went. The manual stated the sachet to go inside the storage base but at first glance, it was not obvious as to how, but then I realised you have to give a gentle pull to the support section that holds the sleeve inside. Once done you can slide the sachet inside it then put it back on.


Overall thoughts on the ArcWave Ion Stroker

The unboxing experience of the Arcwave Ion is second to none and gets you excited for what lies ahead. Everything is superbly packaged, it definitely feels like a premium product and in some respects, it’s almost like you’re unboxing a bit of tech and not sex-toy.

Arcwave has thought of everything when to comes to the Ion. Having a storage base that makes it easy not only to store the toy but to also dry then charge which a great addition and the way it’s implemented here is well thought out. When it comes to the main Ion unit and the pleasure it gives I gotta say it’s on another level compared with a standard penis vibe or other toys I’ve used. When it hits the right spot the pleasure is intense and sends a wave through me in a way that I’ve never quite reached before, even having reviewed a different frenulum-focused toy recently which wasn’t quite on the same level as this.

At the end of the day, the Arcwave Ion is a fantastic device with amazing pleasure, and if you like frenulum pleasure or want to experience it for the first time this certainly does it just about as good as you can get.

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As always thank you to ArcWave for sending the Ion for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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