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6 Ways a Tantric Massage Can Improve Your Sexual Performance

by LSB

Sexual performance can be a tricky topic. After all, it can be hard to gauge your sexual performance without feedback, which can often lead to something of an awkward atmosphere, especially if you’re quite self-critical or less experienced than your partner.

This can lead to a whole host of problems with intimacy, from a lack of confidence in your sexual prowess to sexual performance anxiety. It isn’t gender-specific, nor is it uncommon, although surveys have suggested that most people think they’re good in bed.

So, whether we’re all amazing between the sheets or we’ve got a thing or two to learn about ourselves and our sexual partners, it can’t hurt to take a look at how you might improve your sexual performance. But how can you enhance your sexual expertise?

Can a Tantric Massage Improve Sexual Performance? 

We all want to be more selfless in the bedroom and achieve more mind-blowing orgasms, so how can you start having better sex? A tantric massage might just be the answer.

No matter your age, gender, or circumstances, tantric massage is a very inclusive practice that can help you gain a greater understanding of intimacy. It’s ideal for couples who have a long-standing sexual relationship as well as newly acquainted couples too.

Using the ancient art of tantra, the aim is to create a safe and welcoming environment in which you can explore new and exciting pleasures. This exploration of the body can revolutionise the way you think about, approach, and have sex, whether you choose to enter such an environment with your partner or with the assistance of an expert tantric massage practitioner.

So how can a tantric massage improve your sexual performance? It can:

  • Boost Your Libido

Your interest in sex can dwindle for many reasons. As we get older, our hormones play a role in our sexual interest, but negative sexual experiences can also hinder the enjoyment or anticipation we feel towards intimacy. Real and perceived sexual performance issues — from erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness to worrying about how long you’ll last in bed — can all affect your libido.

Rushing into sex or seeing sex as a chore isn’t conducive to a positive sexual relationship with yourself or your sexual partner(s), so slowing things down and establishing a sexy foreplay routine can help you get back in touch with your sexual self. It’ll also help revitalise your sexual energy, something that may lie dormant for weeks, months, or even years. As a result, your interest in sex will dramatically increase. 

  • Give You Physical Relaxation 

Self-healing is a large part of tantra. Tight muscles and achy joints can put you off having sex, while chronic pain can reduce your interest in almost anything, detracting from your overall experience of sex.

Massaging the skin and muscles can alleviate tension, giving you relief from physical pain and helping to restore harmony to your body. As you and your partner channel powerful healing energies, you’ll find an overwhelming sense of relief that’ll leave you both incredibly fulfilled.

  • Restore Mental Clarity

Enjoying such a deeply relaxing experience can help quell any worries you have, mitigating any anxieties you feel inside or outside of the bedroom. A tantric massage will help you enter a much healthier state of mind by allowing you to be touched and gently kneaded by your partner.

The relaxing nature of the intensely sensual practice is effective at reducing stress, but you have to be open to the experience to take advantage of the many benefits a tantric massage has to offer. Being bold and participating in a tantric massage can break down any boundaries you may have towards more intimate acts, making you more comfortable in sexual settings.

  • Increase Self-Confidence

Confidence is essential in the bedroom, but it can be difficult to acquire. It can take a while to build up your confidence and it can easily be smashed if you’re not very experienced or struggle with stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem. Tantric massage is a body-positive practise that helps you become more comfortable in your skin, accept yourself, and celebrate your unique ass(ets).

Self-acceptance and mindfulness play a large role in how we perceive ourselves and what we make of others, so creating a healthy, body-positive mindset around sex will exponentially increase your confidence to try new things, take control or be dominated in the bedroom. Whatever your desires, you can achieve them all through physical and verbal communication, which can be facilitated with tantric massage.

  • Improve Your Knowledge of The Body 

Whether you’re giving or receiving a massage, you can benefit from the experience by listening to the way your body and your partner’s body responds to touch. This can be incredibly insightful and the playful experimentation can help you take a step outside of your comfort zones.

Trying something new with your sexual partner can be exhilarating and it’s great for strengthening your relationship, improving your confidence, emboldening you to try new things in the bedroom. It can also help improve your sexual stamina by helping you understand what brings you closer and closer to climax, allowing you to address and control these sensations, making sex last longer as a result.

  • Give and Receive Better Orgasms

Not only does tantric massage make for a great form of foreplay, but it can also allow the participants to experience more powerful orgasms. If your standard foreplay routine is getting a bit dull, you can add spice to the situation with a tantric massage.

A super-intimate massage can create a high level of sexual tension that’ll leave both you and your partner aching for a release. It’ll also help you both engage all aspects of each other’s bodies, facilitate incredible sex, and help each participant experience different kinds of orgasms.

Practising Tantric Massage with a Partner

Lighting a few massage candles, dimming the lights, and putting on some relaxing music can help to create an undeniably erotic environment perfect for a tantric massage. You’ll be able to connect more deeply and completely with yourself as well as your partner, allowing you both to enjoy seemingly never-ending moments of pure bliss by aligning and combining your sexual energies.

Whether you’re practising a tantric massage with your partner or a tantric professional, it’ll help to boost your sexual performance in various ways, allowing you to have more fulfilling sex that you’ll want to experience again and again.

Author Bio

Rose Colette Aston, the resident blogger for London Tantric, is a highly experienced tantric practitioner and holistic massage therapist. Drawing on her years of experience and training, she writes informative articles on a wide range of topics related to tantra and holistic wellbeing practices.

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David Mei March 23, 2021 - 8:00 pm

I have found that all of those things mentioned in the article are true! A well done massage can help build the connection between you and your partner.
It never ceases to amaze me the power of touch.


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