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You2Toys Silicone Butt Plug

by LSB

I love anal play and whilst I have several toys specifically for that one area I’m lacking in basic butt plugs, the kind I can put in and wear during an evening and get excitement from even if I’m not engaging in fun. So when I saw the Silicone butt plug from You2Toys with its heart-shaped gem base I knew it was something I wanted to review as I have not had a standard butt plug for a while.

When I said butt plug arrived I was immediately shocked at its size, particularly how small it was, and I must confess that while I took note of it not being too big for me, It didn’t click in my head that it was a small toy and I assumed it was going to be a bit bigger than it was. Never the less I knew I could get plenty of use for it and the size wouldn’t affect my review.

The You2Toys Silicone butt plug comes in a little bag with the front proving some basic size info of the toy whereas the back is transparent so you can see the toy and the documentation that also comes with it.

In the hand, the plug feels nice as the silicone is soft and smooth with the bulbous end being hard and the stem going down to the heart-shaped base being a little more flexible. On the base is a heart-shaped gem and while it’s plastic in the material it does look nice, though doesn’t catch the light as much as I’d hoped.

Unfortunately out of the box, I did notice the gem on my plug was coming away from the base slightly, it’s as if it hadn’t been glued down properly or it never manages to stick fully. I never had any doubts of it falling out but over time as you play with the toy putting it in and pulling it out then it may come loose, also it may be that I happened to get a rare bad one but I don’t know, so your mileage may vary. The plug is 7.3cm tall with a max diameter of 2.8cm so it’s very small and because of this, I would say it can be a great beginner to anal/butt fun toy. I would also say it can work for those wanting a small plug to wear for long periods or if you want to warm up to bigger toys by starting small.

When I came to using this I as always lubed up well and proceeded to insert it in me which it did with ease. Once it was in me I could feel the bulbous shape of the plug even though it’s fairly small in size and no issues were getting it in me.

There were a few things I noticed about the You2Toys Silicone butt plug though on first use.

Straight away was the stem going from the plug to the heart base, this to me was a little short so the plug didn’t go in me too far like I would have wanted it to.

Secondly, the base was also a bit small for me, not small in that it might slip inside me which is something I did wonder about, but just small when trying to pull out the plug after use I found it wasn’t as easy to get a good grip also partly due to the shape of the base. Despite being small I found the bulbous nature made the plug feel filling inside me and helped ensure it wouldn’t slip out that easily. I wore the plug during a long shower and it felt somewhat secure inside me.

During the said shower I liked how the plug felt inside me although while it wasn’t uncomfortable it also wasn’t the most comfortable butt plug I ever used. The filling feeling I got and knowing the heart-shaped gen was there made it fun to go about my shower as normal. After use, I ran the plug under some Warm water and sprayed some toy cleaner then set it aside to dry. The gem base isn’t flat so it doesn’t always sit up which is not an issue but where possible I like to sit my toys up when drying.

In further uses of the toy I have put it in me and wore it as I did things around the house for at most an hour at a time. With the toy in me, I could always feel it sitting there and it never felt uncomfortable for these periods not did it feel like it would want to come out because of its small size as I mentioned above.

The filling nature was always pleasurable and just knowing the gem was there made it even more fun despite not being able to see it. After every use and as mentioned above I found the base to be slightly awkward grip and pull the plug out with it being held tight against my butt. Once I got it started though I was able to pull it out easy enough feeling the bulbous nature as I did.

With self-pleasure, the added benefit of the plug in me was somewhat fun, though the small nature limited the fun compared to other toys. It’s not going to change your fun compared to a bigger toy but it was still nice to wear. I also found the plug to be nice when I wanted to use a bigger toy as I could wear it to warm myself up before moving up toys and being comfortable. I don’t know if it will be my go-to toy for warming up but it did the job.

Overall thoughts on the You2Toys Silicone butt plug

The You2Toys Silicone butt plug is a small plug that is certainly more suited to beginners or as a warm-up device with the added fun being from the heart-shaped gem. It’s a very filling plug despite the size but it’s not as pleasurable as other beginners toys, though understanding that it is for beginners does mean you’re not likely to get a huge pleasure.

If you’re after a 1st butt toy and one that’s filling then this is something to look at because of the small size and bulbous shape. If you have a partner or even not then the gem can add something to the experience too.  For others, it may be a good warm-up toy to add to your collection although for me I have others I prefer better for that purpose.

Thanks once again to LSB and orion.de


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As always thank you to Orion for sending the You2Toys Silicone Butt Plug for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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