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Fifty Shades of Grey Play Nice Range

by LSB
Fifty Shades of Grey Play Nice Range

Fifty Shades has had another new burst of love over at Lovehoney and they have been releasing new products and new lingerie to celebrate. I have the fun job of testing out loads of products from the new range and this piece breaks down the Play Nice products individually and letting you know what we think 🙂

Each product arrived packaged in cardboard, which I will admit when you have all them all in front of you seems like a hell of a lot. All can be popped into recycling though and none of them are incriminating like the usual seedy packaging that can be associated with a sex toy/product.

Massage Candle:

I love massage candles. I love massage full stop but a massage candle is like the in-between of a hot wax candle and a massage oil and for me, they are bloody lush! Massage candles can be the gateway to hot wax candles too or even used as a warm-up before you bring out the big guns because they prep the skin by coating it an oil making it easier to remove the wax when you are finished!

Again, this one is vanilla based so not my OH’s favourite but we did use none the less. It wouldn’t be something we would use again if I honest! It feels too waxy when it hits the skin. The wax doesn’t seem to have that oily consistency like other candles we have tried. Fo rthe sake of less than 9 quid, it isn;t bad but I would say dig a little deeper and buy a better one! Our very fav was the JimmyJane Bourbon one which sadly seems to be discontinued 🙁

Buy yours here –  | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |


I love the dice!! We have another set of these and honestly, I think they add so much fun to the bedroom. They can be an awesome way to help both new and seasoned couples or partners break the silence in the room by having something suggest what you do. The idea between the dice is you shake them, throw and do what the dice suggest. This set has 3 – one for the room/place, one for the body part, and one to tell you what to do. Like a kiss on the neck in the bathroom! Kinda like a kinky cludeo!

Buy yours here –  | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

Talk Dirty Cards:

The talk dirty cards work are designed around the same idea as a regular plain old deck of cards but instead of clubs and hearts, you have ties and keys, well and more. They also come with other cards that include tips for safe play, rules of the game and tips to ease beginners in.

You can play them like games you would regulary, follow the instructions or make up your own! Each of the cards features a quote from the book, then a ‘dirty talk’ line to say and then an action to carry out! The higher you get the filthier the talk and naughier the actions! Definely a fun way to spice up things in the bedroom! We had great fun with these;)

Buy yours here –  | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

Massager and Massage Oil:

We absolutely love the Play Nice massager. I have seen this style on the Lovehoney site but we never used one before now so it was a new experience for us. I was always a bit skeptical thinking something so cheap wouldn’t be any good but honestly, I am very happy to admit I needn’t have worried. The massager allows the user to apply what pressure they want and where as well as the option of using the smaller or larger balls first, depending on how you hold it. It feels really nice in use, surprisingly actually tackled the knots in my shoulders which was a welcomed surprise.

The oil is advertised on the site as being “lightly vanilla” scented and I would disagree with that. while isn’t OTT overwhelming, it is definitely more than lightly. As my OH isn’t very keen on vanilla scents, we actually opted to use one of our Sliquid oils when using the massager. I, however, did test out the oil myself and I like it. It doesn’t absorb quickly into the skin which is good when giving a long sensual massage. I personally like the scent but of course, that is down to personal preference.

Buy your Massager here –  | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

Buy your Oil here –  | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

Date Night Cards:

Again, similar to the Talk Dirty cards, these are Fifty Shades themed but in all honesty, it is a Fifty Shades range. The idea is to help reinact scenes from the movie. The pack is divided into 52 peel and reveal cars – 26 for staying in and 26 for going out (yeah – I know right – we did actually do this once upon a time ago!!)

It is easy to seal them again after use by popping the piece of card down or even romoving completely and turning them around so you can’t see. A really fun way to help inspire date night.

We have loads of these left and I think even when we finish using them all – I’ll keep and reuse. You never know when you need to spice it up!

Buy yours here –  | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

Blindfold, Cuffs and Collar, and Clamps:

The Play Nice cuffs, collar, and blindfold are very much following the Fifty Shades aesthetics – decorated with a trim of black lace and grey satin. Each of the pieces compliments each other and is very much aimed towards the beginner market of folks dipping their toes into the BDSM world.

I think they are all super pretty – I do feel they are more decorative pieces but those clamps attached to the collar definitely have a bit of bite, which of course, if you are regular here will know pleases me greatly. They are weighted with a little pillar of balls attached, something I wasn’t expecting but definetly welocmed. The clamps are detachable so the collar can be worn on it’s own and because it is one continuous piece of fabric without addtional ties it coul dbe used to compliment another piece of lingerie or even as a belt around a dress. The velvety back on the mask, espilly becaus eit is padded, feels so luxuiours. Honestly, it is so comfy! Lovehoney tell you on the site you can double it up as a pretty sleep mask and you really could!! All the pieces feel well made.

I plan to use the set and the bits individually for photos so keep an eye out for those 😉

Buy your collar set here | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

Buy your cuffs here –  | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

Buy your blindfold here –  | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

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