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Rebel Masturbator with 2 functions – Warming and F-spot

by LSB

F-spot or frenulum stimulation is nothing new to me, and in fact, it’s where I get the most intense pleasure, which so far only a wand has come close to providing although this has its downsides.  While a wand works to a degree I have never seen a toy specifically aimed at the frenulum/f-spot before now. That was until I saw the Rebel masturbator that was not only marketed as a heating/warming masturbator but did also do F-spot stimulation.

The packaging is typically grey and black and the overall design I like. It has images of the toy and various bits of information on the box related to the toy. Inside the box, it’s pretty basic but included within is the main Rebel toy, a USB charging cable and a basic user guide. The Rebel has 2 functions as I mentioned, warming and F-spot stimulation. The warming is stated to reach a maximum of 45c after 5 minutes and there are 7 modes for the F-spot stimulation which instead of being your typical; vibration is more of pulsating action. The toy is also rechargeable and waterproof which are both great inclusions.

When taking the toy out of the box I was immediately pleased with how it looked and felt. The silicone with PU coating is pretty standard like most silicone toys but feels nice and I loved the white panel with the controls on as it has a pleasing pattern and made the toy look quite nice when contrasting with the black silicone. On the top of the toy, it’s very basic consisting of 2 main buttons and the charge port.

The charge port consists of 2 little contacts that go with a magnetic USB charger, so while it’s a proprietary connector and not the most secure when in use I understand that the proprietary cable is likely being used to aid in the waterproof aspect of the toy. That being said I have no issues with it not being standard micro-USB or USB type-C.

Another good thing with charging the way this does is that you don’t need to worry too much compared to waterproof toys that say use a rubber cap which can and in my case have come away exposing the charge port. Charging time is listed at 180 minutes with a runtime of 50 minutes which in my opinion is a little low for runtime, although as I always mention in reviews, I’m never likely to exceed any toys runtime so for me, 50 minutes is enough and unless you’re going to use the toy constantly for the whole 50 minutes without stopping, then you should get a couple of shorter uses before needing to recharge.

The buttons on the toy control the 2 different functions of the toy and these require a 2-second press to turn on or off. The first button starts and stops the warming feature whereas the second starts and stops the pulsating/vibrating feature while also switching between the 7 different modes with a further single press. The sleeve is closed-ended and semi-enclosed with only a little cut out on the top. it features a dotted pattern inside for pleasure followed by a pulsating surface that moves up and down to get the F-spot stimulation than a further ridged pattern.

Lubing up for first use I turned on the toy and could hear it loudly buzzing away and when testing with my finger inserted I could feel the pulsating surface pushing quite strong. As mentioned the toy pulsates rather than vibrates so it has an up and down motion that provides its intended pleasure, but this still gives a buzz throughout the silicone of the toy. Going in the sleeve was easy enough and I could feel the sleeve buzzing away, then through some adjusting, I got the pulsating surface to hit the F-spot on me which resulted in some nice pleasure. With some more adjusting of my angles, I then found a sweet spot that gave me maximum pleasure.

The force of the pulsating surface hitting my F-spot in the right area is such that I get the most intense pleasure. Outside of this perfect angle I still find the pleasure to be good, but a little less intense, meaning I can go longer until I’m ready to orgasm then find that intense spot again and let myself build up to a high as I orgasm.

When using the sleeve as just a masturbator I found the pulsating action to result in a somewhat reasonably strong buzz through the toy but not minds blowing, and certainly to me on the first go, it felt like it wasn’t specifically meant to be a vibe masturbator.  Once I had finished I found clean up to be easy due to the waterproof nature of the toy.  I took it into a shower I was having where I used some toy cleaner sprayed all over then rinse with the showerhead before leaving it to dry.

On a further couple of uses, I kept playing with the F-spot pleasure, and again the pulsating surface when in the right spot gave me fantastic sensations that I rarely get with most toys outside a wand.

One of the major advantages to the Rebel over say a wand is that my penis is held inside the toy and I can hold it in the right spot a lot easier so, as the pulsating surface moves up and down it hits the exact spot all of the time to where I get the most pleasure leading to wonderful orgasms. The modes for the pulsating surface are fairly standard in providing a couple of intensity levels and different patterns. They give variation in pleasure but I find if I want to engage in frenulum stimulation then I like a constant pattern to get the most pleasure I can.

I found that when using the toy after a day or two without fun would lead to even better orgasms and this was partly due to a build-up of excitement but more so for me down to the toy, as I’ve found when doing the same with other toys I don’t always get as much pleasure as I’d hope but here I did.

It certainly was down to how much pleasure I get from the frenulum and how the toy works at giving me this pleasure.I tested the warming feature and the heat I got after several minutes was indeed warming without ending up too hot and it felt nice. As stated in the product description on the orion.de site, this warming feature would be great when used with a nice cold shower to heat things, although I don’t often take cold showers too much it’s something I feel would be great and I will be trying it at some point.

Even with the arming function off the toy can feel warm in use but when on and combined with the F-spot stimulation it adds a nice feeling to things, I wouldn’t say the warming aspect adds to the pleasure I get, but if it’s your thing then it works well here. One thing I did note was that when turning on the warming function the pulsation action seemed to be noticeable weaker, and by that I mean I could feel the change in how the pulsation felt when I pressed the warming button as it seemed to go from high to slightly less high intensity.

Throughout my uses, I wondered what the cut-out hole in the silicone was for, and as it’s over the pulsating surface I assume it’s to assist with that. Also since this cut-out is supposed to be sticking upwards then the issue of lube getting everywhere isn’t much of an issue in the end.

I used the toy for one small/medium length and several smaller sessions with no recharge required so the stated runtime seems accurate enough and unless you use the toy for long periods in one go then you definitely would get maybe a couple of reasonable length plays out of it before needing to charge it up again.

In use the comfort in my hand was nice and It felt easy to hold as it wasn’t too heavy but at the same time, It wasn’t too light.

So what do I think then of the Rebel Masturbator 2 function – Warming and F-spot?

The overall design IMO is nice and attractive, not quite Tenga levels of design but good and the magnetic charging is a nice touch as not only does it make the toy waterproof, but it is an improvement over the way other toys charge with a cap covering their port.

Pleasure-wise, I love the way the toy pulsates against my F-spot and it has the right intensity level to give me some nice intense pleasures leading to great orgasms.

The various modes work well allowing for different patterns and pleasure, but for this toy, I preferred to leave it on one of the 2 constant modes.

Warming for me was nice, it adds to the experience if not the pleasure, although the intensity of the pulsation action did decrease slightly when the warming function was on.

I never felt it getting too hot or uncomfortable with the warming function turned on and if you like that sort of thing it really does work well here.

Cleaning up was like most toys meaning it was easy to just run it under warm water with a toy cleaner/safe soap and let it dry. Being waterproof also meant I could run it under the shower especially showers I took after using the toy.

Thanks again to Orion.de and LSB.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending the Rebel Masturbator with 2 functions – Warming and F-spot for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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