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Leten A380 Thrusting Moaning Heating Masturbator

by LSB
Leten A380 Thrusting Moaning Heating Masturbator

My OH is really getting all the fun (no, ok I lie I *enjoy* the fact he is banging out toys) on the blog. So many masturbators have been sent to us for review recently and honestly, it gives me a break from telling you all how much of a wanker I am because let’s face it, you already know that!

This time we have the Leten A380 Thrusting Moaning Heating Masturbator for review. You may have read the Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator we reviewed last month, well this time we have a toy very similar but this one is USB rechargeable and is $60 cheaper.

Inside the box, you get your toy, a charging cable, instructions, and a tube of lube, which I can’t comment on because we didn’t use it! Anytime a freebie comes with a masturbator toy and my OH is wanting to have PnV post-play we opt for a vaginal friendly lube such as Sliquid or Yesss! (that’s what we currently have, though I am not sure I’ll repurchase but that’s for another post 😉 )as the freebie lubes are usually packed full of glycerin so that’s a nope from me – I wrote about why here, if interested.

The Leten A380 Thrusting Moaning Heating Masturbator is extremely responsive and everything powers up instantly when pressed, well after you hold down the power button for a second. The blue strip that runs along the side of the toy is filled with LEDs which indicate the toy is powered on. The faster the toy thrusts, the more the LEDs light up. Not personally a fan of that but my OH wasn’t put off so different strokes, different folks I guess. +/- buttons control the speed and also the patterns. You need to get to maximum speed by pressing the + button and then the toy will start flicking through to patterns. There are 5 speeds and 5 patterns. Holding down the + button will get you to maximum speed instantly and holding down the – will get you back to the slowest.

The speaker controls the moaning noises and holy god is it loud. Definitely, not the button to be pressed when you are trying to be sneaky, and yes, that is speaking from experience!

The last button is the heating button, represented by a flame. This can be found at the top of the toy and when pressed heats your toy up to 43 degrees, which as I have mentioned previously pleases my OH greatly as he is not a fan of dipping his wick into cold toys. It takes time to heat up – like over 15/20 minutes so it is worth putting on the heating function before use. however, it does power itself off after 30 minutes too as a safety function so worth noting that.

So how did he find the Leten A380 Thrusting Moaning Heating Masturbator?

Houston we have blast off!! He has nicknamed this toy “the cock shuttler”.

He is super impressed with the thrust function and actually prefers this toy over the other version because he loves the feeling of the inside of this sleeve more, it is full of nodules and bumps. He feels the TPE used to make the sleeve is on par with Tenga which in all honestly is the best feedback anyone could give as he adores Tenga.

The only downfall he found was when putting back in the sleeve after use you need to make sure you push down the thick band of TPE( which you can see on the middle of the sleeve) because if you don’t, the toy could seriously hurt you in use. There is a band of hard plastic(the top of the thruster) inside and the band on the TPE sleeve provides cushioning in use so just make sure it is incorrectly after washing.

Very futuristic looking, the cock shuttler has gotten two thumbs up from him!! Well done BestVibe!

Get your own Leten A380 Thrusting Moaning Heating Masturbator here


The Leten A380 Thrusting Moaning Heating Masturbator was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself.

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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