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We-Vibe Tango X and Touch X Review

by LSB

We-Vibe is knocking it out of the park for me with the latest toys. First, it was the revamp of the Nova, the Nova 2(which is *chefs kiss*) then silver edition when I got my mitts on a black Tango and now, the Tango and Touch have gotten an upgrade, a decade after their original release. Introducing Tango X and Touch X – they sound like superheroes, which I mean is rather accurate! They are(well the Tango) of course, in my opinion, a sex toy staple for every bedroom drawer! Saving the world one orgasm at a time!

It’s not very often I get an email that makes me squee with glee. Let’s be real here so many companies claim to be innovative and completely brand new when really they aren’t so in all honesty, it’s not often I get OTT excited but the email about these made me OTT excited!! I am a Tango worshipper. It is what a reach for when I need a quick release. But the Tango can be a slow sensual lover too. Easily slotted between bodies, it is small, powerful, non-invasive. The only gripes I have were the vibrations that ran into my fingers were a bugger and you needed to be expertly skilled at putting it on charge because let’s face it, the old charging system was (is) an utter pain in the butt! But my love affair with the Tango made these issues melt away.

Oh, how I rejoiced when I took it out of the box only to see the charging point has been upgraded to the very strong magnetic connection which can be seen throughout many other We-Vibe toys, and also the end of the Tango has also been dipped in silicone!! Oooh, no more slippery tango and no more vibrated fingers!

We-Vibe claim it has also had a motor upgrade too which originally made me dubious because in all honesty, why(?!?!!) would you mess with perfection?! That we will dip into further down!

I received a cherry red Tango X (also available in a stunning blue) and a Touch X in Green, which I lovvvveeee (it is also available in coral). As always, We-Vibe supplies you with a sachet of lube, a plain white satiny storage bag, and an instruction manual. Also, another huge upgrade in both Tango X and The Touch X is both now have (+) and (-) minus meaning you are finally able to control the intensities of each without needing to flick through loads of settings, which for me is utterly epic because I have lost count the number of times I am mid wank, and have to stop to go back to the setting I was on. It can be a serious mood killer!

The shapes have remained the same which in all honesty, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it and We-Vibe have kept them identical.

The big thing for me here was the motor and was it going to live up to the legendary status of their originals? I shout and rave about them so much – honestly the Tango is my go-to – my quick release, the extra lover in the bed – I adore it.

The Touch X still has that indent which I love that cups my clitoris like a sensual. thoughtful lover. More powerful, but equally still capable of making me that my time – the Touch X is what I reach for when I want Tango power but a little dampened. It is a silicone housed Tango and while I prefer my Tango straight up, the Touch is definitely a better option for folks who are more sensitive.

So have We-Vibe nailed it with the Tango X and Touch X?

Yes, folks, they have!!! We-Vibe have completely nailed it with  Tango X and Touch X.

They have kept all the good things about their predecessors and enhanced them to make their older legendary symbols even better. The power is rumblier than powerful, yet not overpowering. It seems to penetrate through me better and I can tell the difference between the motors. I adore the dipped silicone ‘handle’ on the Tango. And the charging points. Holy sweet jesus we need a day of worship to celebrate those.

Oh We-Vibe how I have always loved you but thank you for giving me a reason to fall in love all over again. Thank you for upgrading to bedside staples and making them even better.

Grab your Tango X here from | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | Lovehoney US |

Grab your Touch X from | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU | LovehoneyUS |

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