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Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator

by LSB
Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator

When a toy needs to be plugged in, you know it means business! I had no idea when I signed us up to test the Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator it was a mains-powered toy so I was instantly pleased *insert epic evil Grinch grin here* when I spotted it and all sorts of ideas started popping into my head.  I honestly love when we receive masturbators and penis toys for review because honestly I really live my best life watching my OH bang stuff.

The Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator means business when it comes to packaging and all the stuff that comes with it! It is two-prong plug powered so you will need an adapter for it. It comes with lube, instructions, perfume, and two sleeves.

I know you are probably wondering why perfume has been included with the Leten Future 708  Automatic Masturbator considering it is a wank aid and not a beauty box. The toy has a little slot at the back of it and you pop a few drops of the perfume in there and switch the button on – a fan then powers up and the smell of perfume floods your nostrils. The idea is the help build the idea that you are in fact in bed with someone. I am highly impressed with the scent – it really is rather lush!

The next feature I must mention is the Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator can heat up to a toasty 42 degrees, well according to the BestVibe site. I cannot confirm the exact temperature, however, I can tell you it does feel good and my OH was quite impressed at how warm it was. The lid doubles up as the heater as it is has a rod attached to it that runs through to the toy to fully heat the entire canal. It does need 20 minutes or so to heat fully up so I would recommend firing up the heating function and coming back to it. You plug the toy in and press the power-on button once and then the heat button once. A red LED powers up to indicate the heating function has been activated and you leave it there to work its magic. Also worth mentioning the lid is stiff and does take a bit of playing around with it to get it off

You need a lot of lube with this toy. The inserts drink it and when you activate the thrusting function, it can cause cock chaff if you don’t have enough so lash it on!

The toy comes with two inserts – a red or a blue. (You can see blue version in the image below). Each feels different in use so it is down to personal preference to which you prefer. My OH enjoys the blue one but I think that is because he can fantasize he is banging Neytiri from Avatar.

The Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator also has a suction function. The suction can be controlled via a slider button found on the side of the toy! It does take a few goes to fully understand the strength of the suction however we didn’t find it to be too overly strong. And not forgetting if you so wish, you can power on moaning noises too – there are 3 different voice variations to choose from. While not our thing, I can definitely see why they would work for someone else, especially if you had the perfume scent function activated too.

Overall, my OH is quite impressed with the Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator. The unit is actually surprisingly light considering the size.  It is easy to control, responsive whichever button is pressed and the warming feature gets huge thumbs up and earns major brownie points. He believes it is possibly the best toy he has tried with this feature but does suggest it needs to be monitored while this function is activated. He believes there is a mechanical heating fan that heats the toy up and therefore, given how fast it heats up indicates it is quite powerful and he personally wouldn’t leave it on for long periods of time. My OH loves how warm it heats up – he suggests adding in lube first as that can be heating up too.

The thrusts are powerful – given it is a mains-powered toy, it does mean business!!!

I sat and watched as the toy thrust along him and enjoyed being a pervy spectator. I have no hands-on experience of using it myself other than dismantling it to clean it and boxing it after use.

The toy wowed him – from its power, to futuristic look – it gets a huge thumbs up! He likes it to an Avator Iron Man mash up!

Get your own Leten Future 708 Pro Thrusting Automatic Masturbator here


The Leten Future Pro Thrusting Masturbator was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself bar bottom 2 which belong to BestVibe.

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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