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Rebel Surge, Rocks-Off special edition

by LSB
Rebel Surge Rocks-Off special edition

I’m always interested in new and unique toys or just those that are different especially toys that can be 2 in 1.  Having already reviewed an anal toy that also had a cock ring, I was curious when I saw the Rebel Surge as not only did it have a masturbator but attached to it was a vibrating prostate plug and I was keen on how it might work.

This particular toy is marketed as a Rocks-Off special edition due to having a removable Rocks-Off RO 90 bullet vibe placed within the prostate plug. The Rebel Surge can be got in 2 colours, an all-black version and a blue and black version, I have the blue and happen to like the look of that one better. The box looks very nice as with all rebel toys, and it shows the product with various bits of information. I was confused though because the box has a removable sleeve and underneath on the main box is the same design as the sleeve so I feel like it’s a waste of paper/cardboard.

Within the box is the main toy consisting of the masturbator and prostate plug with the Rocks-Off RO 90 bullet vibe inserted. There is no user/instruction guide or any lube to speak of but the vibe does have AAA already in it with only a little tab to pull out so it makes contact.

Handling the toy for the first time and I immediately noticed that the masturbator had very cheap feeling materials for the outer case. The only way I can describe it is the sort of plastic you find on everyday toys like the cheap balls used in ball pits.

I’m used to lower-cost toys that have cheaper plastics but for the most part, I can understand why they’re used, and usually, I don’t have any issues. In the case of The Surge though It’s the first time I’d ever call it out as bad especially when it’s not a particularly cheap toy where this might be passable, although it also isn’t expensive either. The closed end of the case has a little hole in it which is used to alter the pressure within by putting a finger over it when using the toy. There is also a cap used to cover the top of the toy and keep the sleeve clean, this cap also bears the Rocks-Off logo.

The TPE insert within the plastic casing, on the other hand, is pretty nice feeling, with several grooves and dots aimed at providing lots of pleasure when in use and is easily removable from the case to clean, but I did find it a little awkward when trying to put it back in. The prostate plug out the box feels nice, it’s has a standard Silicone with a PU coating material which a lot of toys have.

It attached to the masturbator with a ring which can be moved up and down then in-between the masturbator and plug there is a small dotted area meant to provide perineum stimulation as it rests on you.

The plug is curved slightly and starts small going to a bulbous part before tapering down again. On the bottom is where the Rocks-Off RO 90 (90mm) bullet vibe inserts with its single push button to operate the 10 vibration modes it had, and this bullet vibe can be removed so I can be used on its own if desired.

With plenty of lube to hand I started my first session with the Rebel Surge and was immediately impressed somewhat with the prostate plug.  It was a breeze to get in me and felt nice owing to the shape being curved and allow it to hit a spot within me that I find pleasurable.

I then turned on the Rocks-Off vibe and found it to be pretty nice, although the vibrations from it were more a buzz than anything else which is similar to other bullet vibes I’ve had with toys. The Rocks-Off vibe does have a strong buzz on the highest setting and a good variation in modes, so while it’s not going to provide the strong rumbles of dedicated vibration plug that doesn’t use a bullet vibe, I still think the Rocks-Off does well inserted the plug if you take that into account.

With the prostate plug in me, vibrating away, I then started to use the masturbator for triple fun (including the perineum stimulation). 

As mentioned above, I found the casing to feel cheap and in use, It certainly didn’t feel as nice to hold as other toys, the sleeve, on the other hand, did feel nice when going up and down me, and while there was a pleasure from the internal texture It wasn’t amazing or mind-blowing to any extent.

As the prostate plug is attached via a ring to the masturbator I played about with the position where it was attached to maybe see how it affected using the masturbator good or bad. At first, I felt like the position affected the stroke length you could get based on how much of a stretch there was.

I like the way the prostate plug is curved and how it starts with a small bulbous end going to a larger bulbous part. The curve allows it to press against the pleasurable parts of me, and with the bulbous parts, I’m able to easily start inserting in me with pleasure from the small end then slowly working up/down to the large bulbous part until the whole plug is comfortable in me. The last part above about it being comfortable in me is certainly true. I was able to work it in me the first time without any issues and during my whole session I never one felt discomfort.

Over the next couple of uses, I found the masturbator to be somewhat of a letdown. As mentioned, the sleeve looks and feels nice but the pleasure I get from it doesn’t do all that much for me compared with other toys. I wouldn’t say it’s bad by any means, but during one evening of play I grabbed a toy that I can use different sleeves with and started with the  Surge sleeve and did have fun with it, but then I switched to said toys included sleeve where the pleasure was just overall better.

The ability to alter the pressure on the masturbator is nice, but for me rather than using a finger to cover it up, I’d just tape over it if I wanted as it makes it easier to get a constant pressure.

The prostate plug on the other hand continued to impress me as did the Rocks-Off vibe inserted in it. The buzz from the vibe on it’s highest setting won’t beat anything that rumbles, but I loved the buzz you get and when you’re in the right position to make the plug press against you this can be excellent as you feel the buzz travel through the toy and onto you.

One thing to note is that if you’re trying to go for a sitting down position on a slightly firmer surface you end up pressing the button for the bullet vibe which changes modes and even turns it off. This is not a major problem but it did annoy me a few times when I forgot.

Again the curved nature helps to provide pressure and pleasure in the right area and I love the feeling as the large bulbous part slide into you giving a very nice feeling of being filled while also being easy and comfortable for me to get in. The whole toy is waterproof including the bullet vibe but I didn’t get any use in the shower although I can imagine it is no different to regular use apart from the pleasure of warming the m

asturbator up and just the heat from the shower.

Whilst I’m unlikely to use a bullet vibe on its own I still like the fact that you can remove it although I may be able to use it in a different toy butt that has a bullet vibe provided the sizing isn’t different.

I also like the same aspect for the prostate plug and masturbator, as you can use both independently although when using the plug on its own I found the ring which attaches it to masturbator can just flop around with nowhere to go.

Clean-up for all parts of the toy was easy. You can remove the bullet vibe, remove the sleeve and detach the prostate plug then rinse all with warm water then leave to dry. In the case of the vibe, I wiped it down with a damp cloth as even though it’s waterproof I didn’t like to get it too wet.

Overall thoughts on the Rebel Surge then?

I was looking forward to a toy that has two different uses that could be played with both at the same time but was let down with the masturbator side of things.

The Surge masturbator has a cheap feeling case but a nice feeling sleeve although in use the sleeve doesn’t provide pleasure that’s anything special. Yes, you do get pleasure from it but nothing that would make me want to come back to it many if any times after a few uses.

The prostate plug is on the other hand very nice, the curve and overall shape of it with the bulbous parts provides great pleasure and the Rocks-Off vibe does give off a nice buzz plus it uses standard batteries so easy to have it going without a need to charge it, assuming you have spare batteries to hand.

Sizing of the plug for me is just right ensuring I could fit it in me easy enough and it would be comfortable for every session I used it with.

The fact you can remove each part of the toy and use them on their own is great even if I might not use the bullet vibe outside this toy. The removable nature also makes clean-up easy when everything becomes separate.

You can buy your own Rebel Surge here.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this Rebel Surge for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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