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The Darkness In My Soul – #QuoteQuest

by LSB
The Darkness In My Soul

“Don’t Worry About The Darkness In My Soul. It Ignites Me Like An Embered Coal.” – Anon

I have no experience with hoods, though I do have experience with sensory deprivation, which technically is the same thing. I have been blindfolded, gagged and even had ear plugs in or earbuds with music playing while we have been in session. Have I ever been completely covered? No, I haven’t. Would I? Now see, that’s a funny question to answer because I am claustrophobic. To answer that question fully I’ll need to dip into my kinks and how they work a little bit more.

My kinks seem to run parallel to the complete polar opposite of day to day me. I am sure you have seen me rave on about blood and how much it turns me on. Vampires, teeth, even my own self portraits… I love to dip into taboos but day to day me isn’t into blood. In fact, more often than not it will be my OH that will deal with it if the kids get bashed up in the garden.

I am also a wimp with pain. There’ll be a big drama when I bang my toe yet kink me can be beaten with vampire gloves, electrocuted, flogged and have wax poured on me with no issues.(Well I say no issues, of course the best in me can sometimes causes issues but you came here to read about hoods and not how I misbehave 😉 )

So would I wear a hood? Kink me would, yes. I think I would seriously get off on the claustrophobic side of it which in my day to day brain is all kinds of messed up but my kink side thinks ooh fuck that seems all kinds of hot!

To dip back into the quote again… I adore my darkness. I am embracing it far more as I get older. I know there are streaks in me that run deeper than the trip down to the ocean floor and I am looking forward to continuingly exploring them. I am hugely into dark, twisted photography at the minute and I really want to explore that further. I saw images recently of a red riding hood styled woman in the woods who was actually wearing the wolf mask and honestly, that gave me urges and twinges far more than I ever expected it to.

To be the hunter or to be the prey? No, I could be both. And now I really want to try that. To photograph that scene and to actually play out that fantasy… Mmmmm! It’s the kind of thoughts that get me to slip a hand down while I write this, feel that wetness and let the urge to satisfy myself take over.

Would I be your wolf…. Or your red riding hood?


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Brigit Delaney February 11, 2021 - 1:57 pm

There is definitely something delicious about the darkness…the taboo…things done outside of “normal” and “acceptable.” We tend to crave what is forbidden.

elliott February 11, 2021 - 5:33 pm

Probably both.

Bee February 15, 2021 - 8:17 pm

It’s funny, I absolutely adore my hoods but a few years ago it was my claustrophobia that stopped me trying hoods but I’m so glad that switch has been flipped. Although normal me would be too terrified to be in an enclosed space let alone have my face covered.


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