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The Pleasures of Flesh and Literature #QuoteQuest

by LSB
The Pleasures of Flesh and Literature

“In life there are two things which are dependable. The pleasures of the flesh and the pleasures of literature.” – Sei Shōnagon


There are few greater pleasures in life than the pleasure flesh gives me. I am, as I have mentioned many times before on here, a very sensual creature. I live through my senses.

Smells. Touches. Seeing. Hearing. Taste. All those things are so important to me.

So I do, of course, most definitely agree with the quote. I actually have tried many times to word my thoughts on this quote and I seem to get whirled off in a tangent about how important it is to me. I even began to ponder about not being about to indulge in those pleasures, even by myself. You see this quote can be read in many ways. We can all indulge in activities with someone else but usually, we often read alone or in the company of someone else, but more often than not reading is a solitary activity.

This got me thinking about my pleasure and how I play when I am on my own. I know there are times when the urge overtakes me and I need that release now, even 5 minutes ago. It is rushed, primal even. The end goal is an intense and often fast release. But there are times when I enjoy slow, indulging sessions… Times where I relax and enjoy myself and soak up all the pleasures that my flesh gives me. I know what works for my body and I know how to enjoy it. I know there are certain parts of my flesh that even fabric touching against can make between my legs twinge with lust. Also exactly know someone’s hands or tongue on my body or even the very thought of them engulfing the smell of me can get me off.

Partnered play is so important to me – I am very happy and eager to please my lover. You see the pleasures of the flesh extend far beyond my own pleasure. I too, find pleasure in pleasing your flesh. I have learned what works for your body and I enjoy pushing it constantly to see if heights of new pleasure are possible for you.

To me, the pleasures that flesh can bring are full and bountiful. The neverending story of where we can go next. Where I can take you and you, me.

The pleasures of literature I equally enjoy and while books are a big love of mine, if going up against flesh, flesh wins. This quote, however, declares that both are dependable so I guess in this instance I don’t have to choose but if I did, there would be no contest. That said, I do enjoy reading. I love to get lost in a decent book. I know folks hated Fifty Shades and while I agree, the writing and dynamics are poor – I got lost in them. They gave me the ability to word how I felt around my kinks and while I am no Ana and my OH no Grey and sadly we have no red room – we definitely enjoy all that kink has to offer – our way. One that might have happened at some point but came to light through quicker a book.

I am happy to read and devour any literature that involves sex, pleasure, and ways to go about experiencing new pleasures. I am nearly finished with my Stephen King and once that is done, I am reading about Tantra. Something new to try and tick off my reading list and also a new way to learn about pleasures and of course, pleasing flesh!



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