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Womanizer X We-Vibe Silver Delights

by LSB
Womanizer X We-Vibe Silver Delights

Could there honestly be a more perfect combination than the Womanizer X We-Vibe Silver Delights?

The Womanizer Premium and the We-Vibe Tango together in one box?!!! And IN BLACK!!! I get to test lots of toys but it’s a long time since I got this excited about something and folks I already own both of these already but not in black… a BLACK TANGO!! Eeeeep! How my witchy gothy heart just sings with glee at such a slight.

I reviewed the We-Vibe Tango back in 2016, which feels like a 100years ago now and since then I have tried lots more vibes that are either copies of the Tango or on those lines. I have yet to find any to beat my beloved We-Vibe Tango. This new addition is my 6th Tango. However, only 4 are still alive and kicking. A minute’s silence is required to respect the dead – they truly served me well. Both tangoes that died actually lasted me nearly 7 years which I think is quite a long time considering I know some folks Tangoes have died sooner. Yes, I will admit this is a flaw with this toy however it really is one I am happy to overlook because it is the giver of some of my best orgasms.

The Tango, for those who don’t know, is a lipstick-shaped vibrator, which is capable of the most power I have ever come across for a sex toy of this size and it is a battery operated toy. I know they are rechargeable but regardless it can be classed in the league of mains powered toys when it comes to how powerful it actually is.

It is a seriously rumbly beast, that is quiet, small, and can easily slip between bodies so it doesn’t get in the way of partnered fun. It has 3 power levels. I usually use it on level one and only when it starts to die do I ended up going to levels 2 and 3. There are different pattern settings too but I never use these on myself. I do however use them on my OH who enjoys patterns and because the Tango is so small, it sits in my hand while I play my OH so he gets a vibey handjob or can easily slip into one of his masturbator sleeves.

The Womanizer Premium makes up the other half of the Silver Delights package also in stunning black. The Premium is also available on its own in many other colour such a red, blue, pink and white. I have reviewed many of the Womanizer toys and it always comes down to a tie between the Premium and the Pro40 and the smart silence feature of the Premium is what brings it across the finish line for me! For those who don’t know, the smart silence feature basically means the toy can sense skin so when you touch the nozzle to powers on and when you remove it from your skin it powers off. It might not sound like a big deal but you are trying to have a sneaky wank (high five to all the mums/cohabiting folks out there!) this feature is a must! It is a total game-changer for me and honestly is most definitely one of the best upgrades a toy could have gotten! Oh, and it remembers what function it was on too in case you accidentally drop it or lose the position you were in!

The Premium has 12 powerful intensity levels however, I don’t usually go past level 4 or 5 – and again like my Tango, I only ever venture higher if the battery is dying! It also has an autopilot feature which I go into far more detail about here but to sum it up – you lie down and let it do all the work. I enjoy this feature because it makes me slow down my playtimes. I can be a 0 to orgasm kind of wanker – sometimes I don’t even get my pants off lol. This feature encourages me to slow down and enjoy!

To me, this Womanizer X We-Vibe Silver Delights is my ultimate pleasure clit kit!

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