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Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition

by LSB
Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition

Having reviewed several Tenga products I’ve found they are well designed and provide great pleasure even if some don’t look like your typical masturbators.

One of these reviews was from their Flip line-up in the FlipOrb Orange Crash Strong, which I still use even after review, so when I was given the chance to review the Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition I couldn’t say no. I opted for the Black Strong edition not only because the other Flip I have was a strong version but for reasons, I’ll explain later.

If the FlipOrb I reviewed had OK packaging consisting of a plastic shell, the Flip Zero EV ramps the quality up by housing it in a premium feeling cardboard box wrapped in cellophane type wrapping. On the front of the box is a sticker that proclaims “Explosive Sensations!” and goes on to say “Firmer material for stronger stimulation”.

The back of the box gives you various bits of information about the toy and the marketing material says:

“With a firmer material than the original FLIP ZERO EV, the vibrating FLIP ZERO EV BLACK offers stronger sensations and a tighter squeeze. Enjoy the most dynamic stimulation available with internal details refined to match the intense sensations of the firmer material and the Dual Vibration Core’s rumbling stimulation”

Before I had even unboxed the EV from the plain cardboard box it was shipped in I noticed a weight that wasn’t present with my other FLIP. This, of course, is because the toy has vibration parts in it, a charging base plus a bigger product box, but I wasn’t expecting to feel as weighty as it did.

Upon opening the box of the Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition, you get the main toy itself which is comprised of the body and slide arms, a charging base for the toy, clear case, Micro-USB cable for charging, an instruction manual in various languages, a card on how to open the toy, a product guide for the Flip Zero series of toys and finally 2 10ml sachets of Tenga’s real hole lotion lube.

Out the box, the EV looks as good as any other Tenga toy, and I always love their design as at first glance you won’t be able to tell it’s a sex-toy and TBH it just looks nice. The Flip is housed on it’s charging base with the clear case covering it, on one side of the base is the Micro-USB port for charging and on the other, there is an indicator LED.

The base is concaved where the toy sits in and charging works, either way, you put the toy although I found opening down which has less of a wobble. I assume Tenga want you to also use the clear case and in doing so I noted that it doesn’t cover the USB port so you can still charge the toy even with it on. One thing to note though is that the charging base isn’t waterproof.

Charging time is listed as 90 minutes with a 40-minute runtime. For myself, the charge time is fine with the runtime a little lower than other toys I have, but then again I still think 40 minutes is plenty considering even the longest session I’ve had with a toy in one go is half that.

Using the Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition for the first time I found that you have to remove the slide arms, snap open the flip and apply lube then snap it together and put the slide arms back in. The slide arms are what house the only button on the toy which turns it on and off, cycles through the different strengths and patterns.

Inside the flip, there are various textures and details which I couldn’t begin to describe but I’ll let the images speak for themselves. Also within is two vibration cores, one “central vibration core” providing as Tenga says “Pulsating vibration” and a second “deep vibration core” providing “Strong vibrations”. The Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material Tenga use for the internal sleeve is soft, squishy and generally feels nice as it does on other toys from them.

Turning the Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition on I felt some pretty strong vibrations, the first strength setting provided what I’d call a deep rumble and the second added in a strong buzz/pulsating vibration onto that which you could feel through your hand and slipping it on me, I could immediately feel the vibrations down my shaft. These sensations were made possible by the fact I have the black strong version which I also immediately noticed was tight, and seemed tighter than my Flip Orb Strong from Tenga.

There are 5 different vibrating modes listed although 2 are the high and low setting so only 3 distinct modes outside of constant vibration. The 3 modes are pulsating, alternating and random each of which provides a welcome addition and add a nice bit of variation which is nice.

As I played with the toy on the highest setting I could feel the internal texture giving me pleasure combined with the tight sleeve it heightened the stimulation slightly more to the point where after several minutes I couldn’t take much more and had had to finish although once I had finished I found some post orgasm pleasure still there as I let the toy continue to vibrate.

When using this for the first time I went with the included Tenga real hole lotion as I find that is an awesome lube and is certainly perfect for this toy, and would use it even if sample sachets weren’t included

One of the main selling points of the Flip series beyond pleasure is the flip-open design making cleaning and drying easy which Is the case here. The slide arms easily remove and the flip unclips making washing a breeze plus the slide arms have waterproof connectors on either side so should some lube slip out you can clean that the same was as the main flip unit.
Drying is also easy as the slide arms can be used to hold the flip open to better dry compared with other sleeve based toys.

Once washed and dried I sat the flip on the charging base unplugged slipped the case over it and appreciated how well Tenga designs their products. I love the ease of cleaning the ability to easily store away the toy and the way it looks far from a sex toy.

As I used several times over the following weeks I found that for me both strength settings and the pulse mode worked best. The pulse mode shakes the internals of the sleeve as you can see when looking inside with it on and this, of course, stimulates your shaft well, and when used with an up/down handjob motion it provides some fantastic pleasure.

The sides of the flip are great for adding more pressure inside the toy when pressed, and you can alter the sensations from either of the vibration cores depending on whether you push more to the top or bottom. As I played with the motions, strength and pressure I got to a point where I couldn’t help but orgasm and like the first time, I was able to have post-orgasm pleasure again with the vibrations running for an extra 30-60 seconds.

Playing about with rotation of the Flip while it was on me and vibrating was also a fun way I got different pleasures and adding in the variable pressure I could add also helped with this when I was on the pulse setting as I could feel the textures of the sleeve against the head and shaft of my penis.
The TPE material made whatever motion I used to feel good, as it was as I mentioned soft and squishy, and overall comfortable so going up and down, laying it flat to go in and out or rotating it was no problem.

Having seen the internal texture of the EV when open I had high hopes for the pleasure it would give me, and as I’ve mentioned it is good but I will admit I did slightly prefer the texture of the Flip Orb Strong Orange Crash that I previously reviewed on the LSB blog.

The flip is waterproof and Tenga advertises it is up to 50mm which made shower play possible and very good in my experience as I could use the heat from the water to warm up the sleeve as an added bonus. A small observation is that unfortunately you can’t mount the flip to the wall like a Fleshlight can via an accessory, and I’m honestly not sure how it would be done considering the button is on the end but maybe in a future toy that could be possible if it’s not already.

On all occasions after use, the flip aspect helped with cleaning, especially when I jumped in a shower where I could open up the toy to get all of the insides blasted with water and then afterwards I was able to easily dry it off without the need to lay it on a towel. Also, the case made it easier to keep clean and free of dust when I wasn’t using it and once more the design made it less of a problem to have it out on display as it looks nice.

So what do I think of the Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition?

It’s an expertly designed and nicely looking toy with a great internal sleeve backed by some pretty nice vibrations.

The internal sleeve textures provide some good pleasure and when combined with the vibrations you can have some mighty orgasms, and more.

Once you’re done it’s a breeze to clean up and store away, or if you don’t have a need to then this can be easily left out on display, and I doubt many people would think sex toy at first glance, not even 2nd or 3rd glance I don’t think.

Overall Tenga has produced another wonderful toy that I definitely would say should be in your collection if you are in the market for a higher-end vibrating masturbator.


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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed of Tenga Flip Zero EV Black Strong Edition are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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Pops January 23, 2021 - 5:16 am

I’ve been thinking of buying it to do a review but there’s a LOT of them for the Flip Zero (both normal and EV ones), so there’s no point of it (although I might buy it anyway if if I have money).


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