Sohimi Clitoral Suction Rabbit – a real surprise!

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Sohimi Clitoral Sucking Rabbit

I had no idea what to expect when the Sohimi Clitoral Suction Rabbit arrived for review. All I knew was I was receiving a suction toy. I actually didn’t even know it would a rabbit-style vibe and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box.

I was instantly wowed by the colour – I was expecting pink or purple which is usually associated with most of the generic brands of toys so this toy gets bonus points for colour and the gold plastic rim around the suction bit really finishes it off well.

The box is very tasteful –  plain but tasteful. It can be too much when you see nakedness splashed everywhere especially during lockdown when you need to be even more discreet with toys from prying eyes. Inside you get instructions and a magnetic USB charger. The Sohimi Clitoral Suction Rabbit feels super velvety soft in my hands… Like buttery soft. The shaft is extremely flexible too – honestly, the more I played around with the toy flicking through the different modes and functions the more excited I was getting. I crossed fingers and toes, but not legs obviously, that it would really float my boat because honestly, it was ticking all my boxes so far.

There are 3 buttons on the toy and each is responsible for controlling a different function. The first button, closest to the suction bit of the toy, the lips, control the suction. The middle button actually controls a little nodule on the shaft that can move and vibrate. Finally, the last button controls the vibrations. Holding down any of the buttons for a few seconds makes the toy vibrate once and the same button lights up to show it has powered on. Pressing it again, you’ll hear the function you chose come on, and the light flickers. All three modes can be used at the same time but each feature has to be powered off individually.

So how did I get on with Sohimi Clitoral Suction Rabbit?

I am actually really impressed with this toy! Far more than I expected to be. A quick snoop on the Sohimi website tells me this toy normally retails for $35.99 but at the point of publishing today it is on sale for $25.99. WOW! Even at the full price of just under $36 this toy is an absolute bargain!

In use the Sohimi Clitoral Suction Rabbit has provided me with sensations I have never experienced before and folks, I have tried lots of toys. That nodule on the shaft is quite impressive. It seems to have a built-in zoning device for my gspot because holy god does it feel good. I popped in and tried that function alone to see how it would work and I just left it to work away while I worked on another review. I was actually surprised to find I could find myself getting really built up and it was a different sensation that I experience from my clitoral orgasms. Sensations I haven’t ever experienced before from just leaving a toy there working away.

The vibrations are weak, buzzy, and in all honestly are pretty pointless for me. I tried them twice – quickly powered them off both times and yeah – it is a nope. But the nodule on the shaft really makes up for them.

The shaft is extremely flexible too which for me made the suction connection even easier. Speaking for suction – yesssss!! It works and it works well. I haven’t needed to go beyond the first level to get me off. It isn’t by any means the next Womanizer but c’mon look at the price differences here!

I was expecting the silicone to be draggy in use but it isn’t. I applied a small bit of water-based lube before I inserted the toy and had no ideas with drying out and needing to reapply which is a welcomed joy as some silicone toys can be super draggy!

Huge thumbs up from me – I am extremely impressed. Usually, I prefered to know what I am being sent as not to be disappointed when it arrives, in this case though what an awesome surprise!

Get your toy here.

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The Sohimi Clitoral Suction Rabbit was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself!

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