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HurtMe MEO Satanas Flogger

posted by LSB January 6, 2021 0 comments
HurtMe MEO Satanas Flogger

I love floggers. I could easily say they are my favourite impact toy. Woah – did LSB commit to a favourite something? Yes, dear readers, I have which is just as shocking to me as it is to you. But yes my indecisive brain can finally commit to this one, floggers are epic. I wrote about this back in June 2020 as part of my BDSM DiariesFlogging is a favourite <3

I think it’s down to the sheer amount of them we have gotten to try that I am finally able to make this decision and let me tell you, they all may look similar and have an identical idea for use but they all feel different.

Every single one.

Today I get to tell you all the HurtMe MEO Satanas Flogger. First of all, from an aesthetic point of view, it’s glorious. Deep red and black leather entwined together to give it a sexy, edgy look and the smell. *Dies forever* Oh I am a smell whore, if that I can be such a thing. I am a sensual creature who is aroused through my senses and leather is one of those smells that makes me pang of want.

The flogger is approx 28 inches and there are 15 strands of soft leather in the HurtMe MEO Satanas Flogger – all tied together to form a sturdy handle, which also had a hand strap attached. I enjoy testing floggers on myself and as mentioned in previous posts there is a good chance you could easily walk into our bedroom to find me banging one out. Of course, this time I am referring to using a flogger – not really sure where your mind just went there 😉 Though I do own dildo handled floggers so continue 😉

To go back to being a sensual creature and being turned on by my senses for a minute – floggers not only smell good but they also sound good and there is something super hot about hearing a flogger swish through the air knowing that soon your flesh will feel it. That build-up for me is equally part of how floggers work and this one sounds ace.

Each of the strands of the HurtMe MEO Satanas Flogger are entwined with two colours and are braided halfway down the length of the strand. The entire piece looks the part but it equally feels it. It is made well and has stood a fair amount of vigorous play. It feels delicious in use. That luscious mix of thuds and stings…  Mmmm! Definitely one of my favourites.

It isn’t extremely thuddy though like the rose flogger I have or even my very favourite flogger everrrrr. Both of those are a lot heavier so it stands to reason that the HurtMe MEO Satanas Flogger wouldn’t pack as hard a punch however it isn’t to be sniffed at from experienced players either.

Get your HurtMe MEO Satanas Flogger here.

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