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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

by LSB

I actually went back to read my post, Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020, from this time last year before I started to write this – to see what hopes and dreams I had planned before everything in the world went to shit!

Goodbye 2020

To recap some of the plans I had made were to buy a new laptop which I did and love. I also planned to write more and take part in more memes. I did that too and I even created my own one, which I will admit wasn’t something I thought of doing back in January when I wrote that post. I also mentioned you would see a different side to my writing and you have certainly seen that too. I will also admit I hadn’t planned to write as much real-life stuff as I am now… and never in a million years did I expect to write real-life erotica but again, I challenged myself and I managed to kill the fear of cant do. I actually said “I am still very much on sitting on the “no erotica from LSB fence”…” in my Goodbye 2019 post.

In that post, I also mentioned about revamping my blog, which I never got round to doing. I guess setting up a completely new website is a good excuse as any for not completing that task.

And last but not least, I mentioned wanting to read more which I did but I failed my task of reading 12 books and I managed 5, which is more than the year before so I guess it’s kinda a win!

Blog stuff aside, my 2020 is a bit of a blur, to be honest. I spent a lot of it in the garden which I loved. I spent a lot of writing, which I have also loved and I have spent a lot of spending time with my family – a rare treat – again, which I have loved. 2020 make have been a disastrous year but overall I am taking away from it that I need less,

So it’s time to go dipping into what drew my readers in this year.

Top 5 most-read posts:

This post that talks about my experiences with a pussy pump was the most popular 

The second post was actually the third most popular last year-  a comparative review about our experiences with the Tenga Flip Zero White and Black.

While this post, which is part of my BDSM diaries section is next in line. I talk all about spreader bars in this one. 

Next is a new one to top 5 – a review all about the Tenga Spinner Hexa

and finally another new one to the top 5 – the Discostick – the Pipedream MegaBator Review

My favourite posts from this year are actually two of my real-life erotica posts – “I’ll stop when you come” and His Prize.


Top 5 countries to visit me:






Top 5 most popular images:


Entwined 2

Trust Yourself to the Water

Just Out of my Camera

Bared Souls

Bared Souls and Trust yourself to the Water are two of my favourites so I am super pleased they ranked in my top 5. The top 2 are returning from last year and maintaining their positions respectively! Just out of my Camera is also a new entry. Funny enough I only posted it in October so you have loved than image as it got number 4 in my most popular images, which I find surprising as it wouldn’t be a favorite of mine, but there you go – different folk and different strokes. Food for thought though so thank you 🙂

I placed on the Kinkly list again which originally I was super pleased about and well, now not so much! Read this to find out more. I did however also place on Molly’s top blogger list again too – I jumped from #22 up to first place, which still even now feels utterly surreal. My first two years on Molly’s list I placed 12th and 13th and I will admit jumping down to 22nd was a bit of a hit but after the year I had and not really giving my blog as much time, I expected it. I used that as motivation and set getting back into the top 20 as a goal, never really expecting to get anywhere other than there. So when I say I am still in shock, I am most definitely not bullshitting you! So thank you again to Molly for making my year <3 x

goodbye 2020

Hello 2021

Hmmm – what do I want to achieve to 2021? *ponders*

Finish college is a big one.

It is hard to balance my blog, QuoteQuest, college, work and a house full of kids and a husband but somehow I have been doing it! I will admit however that doing all that does mean I have very little time for anything else. I am shattered by the time I get to bed that reading doesn’t happen because if I have any energy left, I usually want to give that to my husband. After all, I do write a sex blog. It is important to sometimes have sex lol.

I 100% want to read more and I am *really* determined to read at least 12 – a book a month. Send me all the energy, folks. I really want to complete that.

And I mentioned last year I wanted to self tie and I didn’t get to so that is still very much on my to-do list.  I also mentioned last year that things that are all BDSM related had died down but one thing I am thankful for in 2020 that the flames of that candle have since been reignited and are blazing away, something I am super pleased about.

 I am walking into 2021 hopeful. It is so easy to be dragged down by negativity but you are what you surround yourself with and a positive mind gives positive results. I am also going to practice a lot more self-care – more reading, more photography, more colouring, more sex and hopefully less stress. I did mention something big was on the horizon in my real life in early 2021 and I will still need all your good wishes but I will tackle that hurdle when it comes and fingers crossed all will be ok.

See you all in the new year and thank you for sticking with me, I appreciate you all more than words can allow me to express <3

Much love,


Goodbye 2020  Hello 2021


“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.” – Agnes M. Pahro



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VF January 1, 2021 - 10:56 pm

You. Are. Amazing. I’m forever in awe of how much you do and accomplish. Cant wait to read what you write this year!

LSB January 2, 2021 - 11:04 am

Awwh thanks so much, Violet <3 Xx That feeling is also very much mutual <3 xx

Chrisy Kay January 3, 2021 - 2:46 pm

Love you and your energy and attitude! Looking forward to seeing you in print in 2021!


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