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You2Toys Power Rotation Masturbator

by LSB
You2Toys Power Rotation Masturbator

Ever since I started using sex toys around 7 years ago I’ve always had this idea that spinning/rotating would be great for penis stimulation.

While I did get to experience this idea in the form of the Tenga Spinner which I reviewed and liked, it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

Enter the You2Toys Power Rotation Masturbator, a toy with internal dots and a set of rotating beads/balls that is almost the kind of toy I had pictured in my mind, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t come across one till I saw it on the Orion.de site and immediately knew It was a toy I wanted to review.

The box is pretty basic, with some information about the toy, its uses, and some slightly sexual images depicting said uses of the toy. The contents within are bare-bones as you get just the toy and some instructions, although as usual, these are generic instructions not specific to this toy.

The You2Toys Power Rotation Masturbator itself requires 4 AA batteries (Not Included) and these go in a removable holder on the top of the toy. There may be a reason for using AA batteries instead of being rechargeable but it doesn’t impact the toy usage and on the one hand, it can mean you don’t need to worry about having to charge it up before use, but then, on the other hand, it does mean you’ll need AA batteries handy once they run out.

First impressions and how to use the You2Toys Power Rotation Masturbator

In my hand, the toy feels quite nice and well made with good plastics plus an internal material of ABS/silicone. It’s fairly comfortable to hold and easy to operate the buttons in use. There are 4 buttons and one LED on the toy. A power on/off button, rotation button, and speed adjustment arrows. The power button turns on the toy without any stimulation going and the rotation button needs to be pressed to get it started whereby the LED will flash with further presses of the rotation button cycling through the various modes of the toy with different LED flashes/colours to indicate each mode.

The inner sleeved area contains lots of little dots which are meant to stimulate you with the help of the visible balls/bead that you can see through the transparent plastic as they rotate

When it came to using the toy for the first time I turned it on and watched as the toy rotated, noting that it can go from a relatively fast speed on the lowest setting to somewhat faster on the highest setting. I also noted the noise of the toy being reasonably loud on low speed and not that different on the highest speed meaning it’s not a quiet toy in the slightest, and that if you need to consider the noise a toy makes during fun then this would be limit your use.

The actual sound the toy makes is not overly pleasant but this is to be expected and is less of an issue more an observation to which I would say, wearing headphones while listening to music, porn..etc will help drown out the noise somewhat.

As I live with a deaf person in my house noise is less of an issue a lot of the time but I do still on occasion have to consider it and therefore will wait for the right time before I use it.

You2Toys Power Rotation Masturbator in use

My first impressions when getting ready to slide into the toy were similar to that I ended up having with the Rebel masturbator with 2 functions I reviewed for LSB, in that I saw the diameter of the sleeve and it seemed like it may be a little bigger than I would have liked as I’ve not got a girthy penis so the sleeve may not have held me as tight to experience the sensations offered. While I still think it’s a little too big and didn’t hold me in tight like some masturbators, I was pleased to note that I was able to feel the inner texture more than I expected.

With the rotation on slow, I didn’t get the sort of pleasure I was hoping for right away but experimenting with the speed and position of the toy as my play session went on did improve the pleasure greatly, as I got it into positions that felt nice and could be built upon during future uses. When pushing myself into the toy more I found that I could slow the rotation down easily.

The different modes are all pretty similar, each has a variation on how the toy spins usually just changing direction and how quickly it does this. For myself, I rarely used them as I preferred to just have the toy on constant and alter the speed of the rotation manually.

Unlike most toys I use, I didn’t go right to orgasm on my first try and decided I’d wait till I used the toy again and could find the best way to extract pleasure.

On my 2nd use, I started with the rotation on high and moved the toy into various positions seeing what sensations I got from each and what worked best for me. During this play session, I noticed that having the toy at various angles would give slightly different pleasure and these pleasures would change as the toy rotated. One felt a bit of rumble, the other I could feel the rotation effect more tightly and another gave a light all-over effect.

To be clear, these pleasures aren’t advertised and you have to get the toy placed in a certain way to feel them but they are there. As I experienced these sensations/pleasure from the toy there wasn’t one that was better than the other, but they were all good in their own way, and I got get the right pleasure for each mood I was in.

During my 2nd use is when I found out that this is what I would consider a slow burner of a toy for me. By slow I mean I could have it on and giving me great pleasure for well over 15 minutes without any sudden desire to orgasm until I decided I wanted to. This is unlike most other toys where I feel a sudden surge of pleasure during use and have to stop my play if I don’t want to orgasm at that particular moment.

One mixed observation (Good and maybe not so good) I had with the toy was that whilst It was great that it could pleasure me for an extended period more so than any other toy I’ve used, it also didn’t end up taking me to the edge of orgasm the same way as other toys. I certainly never felt like I would orgasm in the toy meaning I had to finish by hand or by using another toy which also meant this toy hasn’t felt good for quickie fun.

The upside to this was that I could dictate when I wanted to orgasm, being able to go for longer sessions than usual and then decide when was best to finish instead of having to force myself to stop with other toys for a period or else I’d orgasm when I maybe didn’t want to even if it was an extended session.

Another use yielded the same results as before.

I tried various positions of the toy to get the pleasure I wanted and would switch between these positions throughout my use. Again I found that I could get pleasure for far longer than any other toy and I probably spent 25 minutes or more having the toy just rotate away and myself changing positions every so often.

As above there was still no situation where I felt an orgasm coming from using the toy. This isn’t to say it wasn’t pleasurable or that I didn’t get to a stage where I wanted to orgasm. I did, it’s just I didn’t get past the initial feeling that I was ready to finish and it was up to me to decide when I wanted to orgasm which l I mention above is a plus point for me

If there was one thing I would love to change, then that’s for the sleeve to be a little tighter so that the rotating beads/balls could be better felt on the penis especially for those whose girth isn’t big.

I have no exact idea what battery life is with the 4x AA’s required for the toy, but I can imagine from my sessions that you’ll get many uses without it dying and when it finally does run out it’s easy to replace the batteries and keep going. Of course, you need to have AA  batteries about which is not as convenient as being able to just charge it up when not in use so it’s more a personal preference for you.

Overall thoughts of the You2Toys Power Rotation Masturbator

The You2Toys Power Rotation Masturbator is a solidly built and nice looking toy that has a unique aspect for me in the beads/balls that rotate around the penis for added pleasure.

The inner sleeve, in my opinion, isn’t as tight as I’d like as mentioned but combined with the rotation feature you do get lots of pleasure from it especially if you play about with various angles. The feeling of the dots moving as the beads/balls rotate is part of the unique aspect of the toy.

The standout for me was just how long I could go for when using the toy. As mentioned above I spent 25 minutes or more during one session with the toy spinning away giving me pleasure whereby it was up to me to decide when to finish, something I hadn’t experienced with any previous toys.

It might not give (me at least) the most intense pleasure when seeing it spin for the first time but I can see it working better depending on the penis you have and even then I still enjoyed the pleasure I got from the toy.

As always a huge thanks once again to Orion for supplying the toy and to LSB for hosting this review.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this Power Rotation Masturbator for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

No affiliate links have been used in the post.

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