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Godemiche Adam Soft

by LSB

The Godemiche Adam Soft is sitting in my review pile for quite some time however there is a good reason for that. It is not for the faint-hearted and I felt it needed proper use before I could tell you all about it.

Back a hundred years ago, well maybe 6 or 7, I won a giveaway Joanne Reviews was running and managed to nab myself a firm original Adam, which might I add is bloody beautiful. It is however *very* firm and as a result, it isn’t a toy I use very often but it is so pretty I won’t part with it either. When I spotted Godemiche was now offering an Adam in a softer silicone I jumped at the chance to try it, giving up the chance to get a rainbow sparkly Ambit – yeah I wondered about that choice too but I am kinda glad I did… You’ll have to keep reading to find out why though 😉

The Godemiche packaging has had an upgrade too – a sealed, swanky black plastic pouch with a gold Godemiche sticker attached. I love it – it is very elegant looking and definitely more worthy of holding such delicious goodies 🙂

I opted for the 8-inch Godemiche Adam Soft in UV blue.

Stats about the Adam from the Godemiche website:

Weight – 0.405 kg

Dimensions – 22.2 × 15 × 8.8 cm

Sizes – 6 inch (152.4mm), 8 inch (203.2mm)

Firmness – Soft (00-50), Extra Soft (00-30)

I must admit I may have opted for the softest shore silicone if that was an option when I got mine. I love really squishy stuffs.

I got the Godemiche Adam Soft (00-50) in 8 inches for a reason and it works 😀

You see while 8 inches sounds wonderful, I don’t actually want all those 8 inches in me! One of my most favourite ways wank is just with a dildo and nothing else. Given that I tell you all how much I love vibrations, and I do, I will happily opt for none if that dildo can provide me with clit stim as well as internal sensations. Confused yet? Lemme explain!

I discovered this way of wanking ages ago with my VixSkin Mustang and it is still unbeaten as my favourite way to dildo wank but sometimes, just sometimes you want and need to feel more stretched. The head of the Mustang isn’t a giant unlike the head of the Godemiche Adam so I figured it should be possible it be able to manipulate the Adam and use it like I do with my Mustang. I needed the flared base, I’ll explain more why in a minute and I opted for a vibrating base too – for two reasons. 1. Obviously vibrations and 2. that hole is awesome to stick my finger in and use it as a grip when I thrust! And it works!

Godemiche will provide you with a bullet vibe if you opt for it but I opted not to receive this as I am a Tango worshipper and knew that was the only bullet I wanted to use with this toy!

Vibrations travel well throughout the toy – my Tango is strong enough to allow the vibrations to travel throughout the toy and evenly – though as I mentioned above I wanted the hole in the base to be able to pop a finger in and essentially make the Adam an extension of my hand and it works perfectly. I like the play this way first – popping the head in and using the shaft as a tease against my entire vulva region. *chefs kiss*

So how do I wank with the Godemiche Adam?

Lube is your friend and lash on loads of it!

I slide the head in and I bend the shaft in the middle and back towards me. I then use the flared base to flick against my clit – it is firm enough to get the sensation I need, squishy enough to allow me to use a lot of pressure and not kill my clit in the process. The length of the Godemiche Adam Soft means I have quite a lot of excess to play with and it is squishy enough to accommodate my wants. I use the bend as a handle and move it so I am getting enough head penetration to get me off as I use the base against my clit. 

This is a learning process and took me time to suss out how to play this way but honestly, it is worth the effort and provides me with very pleasurable orgasms.


Oh my dildo is UV but sadly my UV lamp isn’t working at the time of publishing this review so I haven’t managed to get images showcasing that ability. I will, however, update my review with images once I get a new bulb. The dildo in the pic above with the blue Adam is the Skrue.


Get your own Adam Soft here

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I received the Adam Soft from Godemiche in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on these items. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed are taken by myself!

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