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November 2020 – Thoughts and Favourite Finds

posted by LSB December 5, 2020 0 comments
November Thoughts and Favourite Finds

November 2020 flew and now I am find myself sitting here wondering what I actually did! To make a long story short – I am working full time, attending college, running two websites and a house full of kids and a husband lol – my days merge into each other and in all honesty I *really* need to start jotting memorable moments from each month into a draft post so I have more exciting news to tell you all.

I think the biggest thing to stand out for me in November 2020 was Sinful Sunday hitting 500 weeks which is a HUGE achievement. I owe so much to Molly for creating the space. Honestly, I don’t even think I could word much that meme has changed how I see myself, and it has. If you take a look at my images from when I started to now – there is a huge change. Ok my photography has gotten better but I am not a hung up on my body anymore. When I first took part over 4 years ago, I really wasn’t as comforable in my skin as I am now. Weight and body hangups no longer bother me as much as they did. So I urge you – if you are on the fence wondering should you join in, do it now! You won’t regret it! 😀 Again, a huge happy 500 birthdays to Sinful Sunday!

And now time for all the juicy goodness that November offered us……

Posts and Images Pot Luck of posts from November 2020 <3

Daydream Believing Leads to Wonderful Things

Sit, Stay, Beg: Enjoying Pup Play Without the Gear

BJ Practice

Come Ride…


500 Sinful Weeks

My Stuff from November 2020:


How I flirt…!

Dreaming of Dreams for #QuoteQuest

Let the Light in – #SinfulSunday

Win a Beginner Sex Toy Kit worth over £100 for Christmas

Kinkly, I’m done.

How Covid screwed our balance and how we got it back

Sex 101: The Beginner Sex Toy Guide

A real sense of Belonging for #SinfulSunday

The powers of Time


Izumi Oral Sex Pussy Pump Stimulator

ElectraStim Pinwheel Metal Vs Silicone – Which should you buy?

Guest Reviews:

You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand

Rebel Ultra Soft Vibrating Silicone Masturbator


Till next month, lovelies <3 Xx


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