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Accessoire Bizarre Vinyl Sheet Review

by LSB
Accessoire Bizarre Vinyl sheet

For several years now I’ve been keen to engage in full-on messy fun and when I saw there were sheets for this exact purpose I knew I’d need to get them at some point.

Unfortunately, the first set of sheets I saw were very expensive and way out of my league for fun that may be very infrequent and so I left it until now when I came across these sheets from Accessoire Bizarre. I decided to finally see how sheets would work particularly a cheaper variant and see how I felt about messy solo fun.

This Accessoire Bizarre Vinyl sheet is made of a 100% polychloride (vinyl) material in black and is 2 x 2.30m in size so will fit on my double bed covering the whole surface very well ensuring any mess will stay on the sheet. Out the very basic packaging, the Accessoire Bizarre Vinyl sheet has unfortunately fold marks which aren’t as nice to look at as a smooth sheet but it doesn’t affect the use in any way, and on the same note the sheet can wrinkle quite a bit but again this doesn’t impact use.

My first use was non-messy fun to test the sheet, how they fit on my double bed and how they felt plus I wanted to give them a quick rinse down.

On my first messy fun the Accessoire Bizarre Vinyl sheet felt very cold having not been out in room temp for very long, but during use, it warmed up nicely and laying on the sheet I noticed that it felt very nice to lay on, I didn’t notice the fold marks as I lay down nor any wrinkles and could easily move about on them without feeling like there’s too much grip.
I did notice that laying on them for an extended period where I got hot and sweaty resulted in the sheets feeling somewhat sticky and this was without lube, oils or anything on me. Having got to the end of my fun I had orgasmed on the sheets which I could do without worrying where it went as the sheet captured things well.

I have to admit though that the Vinyl material while nice to lay on and comfortable you can feel that you’re using a cheaper product although this doesn’t affect its use.

Cleaning was easy enough as I could rinse the sheets in the shower but then I had to figure out how to dry them without leaving them in the bathroom hanging from the shower curtain railing as I don’t live alone. It’s more the fact these are a large sheet that makes it awkward to dry and in no way a negative.

On a 2nd use, I got a lot messier with my fun and these sheets came into their own as I was able to cover myself in lube and the sheets kept all of it off my regular bed sheets underneath for the whole duration of my fun. I was still able to move about on the sheet easily without friction or too much grip. Comfort was still quite nice for something made of vinyl material and I felt no discomfort whatsoever. Again cleaning was easy enough and a rinse in the shower was all that was needed, although they can be awkward to dry due to their size and in my case, I can’t just leave them out.

I’ve used the sheets a few times since and each time I loved it. The comfort is there, it holds all my mess on the sheet and allows me to not worry about where anything is going or without having to worry about making a mess on my bed. The only negative is the sticky feeling if I lay on them and get hot and sweaty, particularly if I’m in the one position for an extended period although it’s negated a little when you get covered in lube and such.

So then, how do I see the Accessoire Bizarre Sheet?

Bearing in mind the budget nature of them I can’t expect them to be amazing, but as my first sheets, I think they do a good job.
They may get sticky during use, and you do notice they are cheaper but then they hold in all your mess and allow you not to worry about things going on your bedding, a towel or anything else for that matter
If like me your new to full-on messy play and not sure about whether the more expensive brand (Sheets San Francisco) are worth it for occasional fun that you are trying out for the first them then you can’t go wrong with the Accessoire Bizarre Vinyl Sheet.

You can buy your own Accessoire Bizarre Vinyl Sheet here.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending Accessoire Bizarre Vinyl Sheet for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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David Gee December 2, 2020 - 12:38 am

What would stop a person from simply going to a store and spend the money for a vinyl shower curtain liner?

LSB December 6, 2020 - 10:17 am

Nothing I guess – though I am sure the material used to make them wouldn’t take hot wax being dripped on them.


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