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You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand

by LSB
You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand

As an owner of a plug powered wand that was somewhat enjoyable, I eventually found the cord to be a limiting factor in my usage of it. Not only did I need to be near a plug socket for every use but I was limited to the cable length as well as the cable just getting in the way at times. The above is one reason why I decided to choose the You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand for review. Not only would I eliminate the cord from the equation but I would be able to see if a rechargeable wand can be as good as its corded counterpart.

Packaging and First Impressions of the You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand:

First off, the wand is housed in some basic clamshell packaging with various bits of information about the toy. Alongside the wand itself, there is a basic instruction guide and a charging cable. The charging cable is a 1.5/2.5mm headphone style jack on one end and a regular USB

on the other which is standard for a lot of toys and for something like this I don’t mind it. The toy itself out of the box looks visually appealing and feels nice in the hand.

The main body is a glossy plastic which does attract fingerprints and on the front is two buttons for operation the top button being the power which requires a 3-sec hold to turn on/off or a single press to cycle through the 3 intensity levels of the toy, then below that is the mode button which cycles through the 8 different modes. The head of the wand is a fairly decent size and has a nice geometric pattern with the material being silicone with a PU coating. Being a rechargeable wand it has a 210 minute charge time and 90 minutes runtime which is par for the course and I’ve never ha

d the toy run out on me. Like most powered toys I own, I wouldn’t use them constantly turned on for the specified runtime and would recharge them after a couple of uses anyway but if you happened to run it for close to 90 minutes I’m sure it’ll last around about that time.

When it came to using the wand for the first time I encountered a nice rumble as I turned it on and testing it pressed against my hand felt good.  The vibrations were powerful on the lowest setting and even more so on the highest, there are 3 levels.

One small but rather nice point I noticed vs some other toys are how the intensity levels can be switched independently from the vibrations pattern, so if you just like to switch between the 3 levels of vibration manually you can do so, without having to then cycle through the various patterns to get back to the beginning. You can also alter the intensity levels when you have one of the vibration patterns going, allowing for varied play each time you use the toy, say the ramping pattern using the highest vibration or the rapid on/off pattern using the lower of the 3 vibrations.

Having lubed up and turned on the toy to the lowest vibration setting I pressed it against the head of my penis and was instantly wowed but the vibrations immediately gave me amazing pleasure, and this was the lowest setting. I then worked my way down the shaft and did a 360 on the way back up whereby the pleasures were equally as good though they were more pleasurable on specific areas of the head of my penis. Through my play, I then increased the intensity to level 2 then 3, and almost couldn’t contain my excitement that I had to take a breather since I didn’t want it to end. I’m someone who usually sticks to constant vibration modes on my toys, and will manually switch them on and off to get the same effect as a pattern, but where I can control the timing and such better. For this wand, though I find the patterns excellent and I can see myself using them when I’m in the mood. Sure they are mostly standard patterns but somehow coupled with the awesome vibrations I do like them more than those found on any other toy. As I got back to using the toy after a short breather I again experienced awesome pleasures and when I hit the right spot these went through the roof culminating in a wonderful orgasm. I can’t say the best orgasm ever but it’s certainly up there with the best, and honestly, I think it’ll take a special toy to make me call any future orgasms the best ever. In summary, this was a fantastic orgasm. Cleaning of the toy was easy as can be. I rinsed the head under warm water and with a spray of toy cleaner while wiping down the main handle with a damp cloth to get off any lube that may have got onto it from my hands. There is no storage pouch but after I let the wand dry I put it back in the clamshell packaging and back into my toy box it went. One thing to mention, the geometric shape of the wand head is nice but in my use, it didn’t really do much, didn’t contribute to the pleasure in any way and I forgot about it more often than not.

For my 2nd use I decided to use the patterns a bit more and like above I found these excellent which is unusual for me, but then with the powerful; vibrations the wand spits out it’s no surprise. Letting it go on and off rapidly, ramping in intensity and such I played with the wands positioning on me and could feel the pleasure from all angles, but again it was more exciting at the head of my penis which I found was best to mostly leave it alone until I knew I was ready to finish whereby the vibrations on it would lead me to amazing orgasms. On my future uses of which I had a lot especially when combined with another toy, I again witnessed the same awesome pleasure and mixed in the types of ways I played with my wand. From using it stuffed down tight trouser to get a hands free experience combined with tighter pressure against my penis, to only working my shaft and using rotation motions.

All these uses were as excellent as the first, and I loved each one in different ways through my different uses, even if the end orgasm was the same amazing one each time.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the corded nature of my other wand stopped me from using it as much as I’d like, and so this being rechargeable and therefore eliminating the cord made it work so much better. My other note near the beginning of this review also stated seeing if this would be as good as a corded wand, and well I have to say it’s way better than I expected.

My overall thoughts of the You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand?

What can I say I haven’t already in my review?

The wand looks and feels nice, has a decent runtime and most importantly it has amazing vibrations.
I loved the various patterns the toy has, more so than any vibration toy I’ve ever owned which is unusual as I usually hate the patterns on toys but no here. They are varied enough and add in the fact you can also use the 3 different intensity levels with each adds to the types of fun you can have.

The vibrations are amazing and they give me some amazing orgasms, up there alongside the best orgasms I’ve had to date. Thanks to LittleSwitchBitch for the guest review and to Orion for providing the toy.

You can buy your own You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand here.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending You2Toys Rechargeable Power Wand for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

No affiliate links have been used in the post.

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