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Dreaming of Dreams for #QuoteQuest

posted by LSB November 23, 2020 0 comments
Dreaming of Dreams

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem


Mmm! I’m gonna talk about this quote from the perspective of being awake because sadly, I don’t remember my dreams unless they are nightmares or sex dreams and I have very little of either. Though I most definitely wish I did have more sex dreams. That said I do have the ability to have dreams about things that do actually come true. Not something I am so keen about, I must admit.

Do I dream about things I want? To be honest, I don’t or I didn’t.  I guess in that few seconds before I scan my lotto on the app, I think about the plans we have to live in a hot country or all the cars I’ll buy but that really is as far as I go when it comes to dreams.

I am very realistic goal motivated and I am driven by things that I can actually get. Goals or plans have to be somewhat reachable for me to commit to and the goal of a hot country has most definitely been set and we are constantly working and planning together to get it.

When I say I didn’t, well I didn’t…. but now I do. I dream for my life pre-Covid. The one where I didn’t have to remember a face mask and hand sanitizer in my pocket before I leave home. The one where I can dawdle around the supermarket and think about all the things I might buy instead of anxiously running around the shop as if it were on fire or I was taking part in Supermarket Sweep. A life where I can hop on a plane ad fly somewhere hot without worrying I was stepping inside a covid incubator. 

Which brings me to the second part of the quote, planning. And you can damn right chalk it down I plan. I am a list gal and if it goes on the list, it’s done. As mentioned back here when I spoke about my love of lists, I most definitely have a list fetish 😆 because I get serious satisfaction crossing things off it.

I do agree with the quote. I do believe when you dream it is a form of planning. I think it’s the way your own mind sets a goal in place… even in actual dreams, your subconscious is paying attention and I guess, even my steps up too and pays attention and I feel those aftereffects elsewhere.


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