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Rebel Ultra Soft Vibrating Silicone Masturbator

by LSB
Rebel Ultra Soft Vibrating Silicone Masturbator

Vibrating penis masturbators are the one toy I’ve always wanted to love but in the 7 years that I’ve been using sex toys there hasn’t been one that had impressed me even the slightest (Haven’t tried that many to be fair), but I decided to give the Rebel Ultra Soft Vibrating Silicone Masturbator a chance.

The design of the toy, being very much open with flexible wingtips is something I’ve seen a few times before on toys that look very similar and so I was secretly hoping for something good.


The packaging is the same as all Rebel toys, with a picture of the toy on the front, various information round the packaging including how the functions of the toy work. Inside the packaging is the main toy itself, a USB charging cable (1.5mm? Headphone style jack on one end that goes to the toy), and finally some generic multilingual instructions that aren’t specific just to this toy.

How the Rebel Ultra Soft Vibrating Silicone Masturbator works and first impressions:

The Rebel is a rechargeable toy with a 60-minute runtime from a 150-minute charge to 100% using the included cable, and while the charge time is long I do think the runtime at least for myself is reasonable. I’d never use any toy for 60 minutes straight and certainly not have the vibrations on this toy going for that long without turning off. There are 2 main buttons on the toy, one on/off and one to switch modes, the former being a hold down to activate. Below the buttons is a teeny-tiny little pinhole where the USB cable plugs in and on the first inspection without looking at the box I almost missed it.

Part of the inside of the toy, if you can call it that contains several grooves for enhanced pleasure, and on each side are the flexible wing tips which can hold in your penis no matter what size and also be squeezed for a tighter experience.

In the hand, the silicone with PU coating is nice to hold with a grooved outer section to provide grip, though as with similar coated toys it does seem to pick up the slightest dust and hairs no matter how much you’re careful with it.

The various modes of the toy are low, medium, and high vibrations then a few ramping down/up of the intensity along with the usual on/off pattern vibrations. There’s enough variation to suit most people, but for me, I always prefer to go with continuous vibrations with toys, and if I do want the effect the other vibration modes provide I know they are there. The toy out of the box for me had a charge in it, but after letting it charge some more I got to my first use. I lay on my bed, lubed myself, and the toy up, and got to it sliding my penis in and turning it on. My immediate reaction was excited as I felt the vibrations on me working well, and as I began to alter the position of the toy my reaction then moved to WOW. Not only was the standard back and forth motion while holding the toy in my hand very pleasurable, but depending on the angle and position of the toy I could get wonderful sensations from the vibrations. These sensations were similar to that which I’ve experienced with a wand and although not quite as strong as a wand they were still really nice and more so than any vibrating masturbators I’ve used up to this point.

I continued experimenting with how I used the toy trying to go hands-free at one point. This isn’t easy as the toy is meant to be held in your hand. Though I did find that turning the toy upside down from what the image on the box shows added to the sensations I experienced above and led me to a wonderful orgasm which for first use was excellent. The texture inside is grooved partway up the toy then smooth beyond. These grooves feel nice but I can’t help feeling I’d have liked them cover the whole inside in them, so no matter how far down the toy is on you there would be textures to please say the head of your penis. A minor issue otherwise I enjoyed the grooved texture. Cleaning up of the toy as a breeze. Being so open makes it easy to run warm water over it plus a little bit of toy cleaner inside whereby I then laid it on a towel to dry. My second use was similar to my first, I lubed up and turned on the toy whereby I played with various angles and experimented using it as I got into various positions, including trying to go hands-free which isn’t easy on its own but then this is not what the toy is designed for and more just experimentation on my part. Again on this use, I loved the vibrations, they were strong enough to go through you and give you fantastic pleasure even without applying any great pressure, though when you did apply pressure it helped things even more. While the intensity level increases from low to high where noticeable and each one very nice, I did find that it went from a rumble sensation on the lowest setting into more of a buzz style vibration on the higher 2 settings. I don’t see this as a negative point but more an observation as I prefer a nice rumble to my vibrations and the lowest intensity setting is the only one to have that.

Again, cleaning was easy enough, and although there was no mention that I could see of you being waterproof I did take it into a post fun shower to clean myself and the toy where I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t be waterproof to some extent.

The toy is listed as having a 60-minute runtime, and although I’ve not used it for that long all at once I have used it several times without charge putting it on and off during fun and I would say that 60 minutes is achievable.I tested the toy on several further occasions and I must say the vibrations this toy provides are excellent, they don’t just buzz away in the background like some toys but give you lots of pleasure and even come through on the flexible wingtip parts that you can then squeeze against you so pinpoint some of the vibrations.

There is a natural way the toy is meant to be used, but I found that you got get just as much pleasure turning and rotating the toy into different positions, and applying pressure in different ways.

As I mentioned, I experimented trying to use the toy hands-free which it isn’t meant for and unfortunately, this didn’t work out well unless you have a way to hold the toy down. There could be some good fun with this hands-free and doing a thrusting motion though but even still it works just as good in the hand so I can’t complain.

So what do I think of the Rebel – Ultra Soft Vibrating Silicone Masturbator.

If it’s not clear from the review, I absolutely love this toy. It has fantastic vibrations that provide amazing pleasure and no matter how I use this toy it has never ceased to give me some of the most pleasurable orgasms ever. Although I rarely used them, there is plenty of vibration patterns to suit most preferences, and 3 different intensity settings were lovely too. The runtime should suit most pleasure sessions and I never had it run out on me in my uses even when I didn’t charge it between several sessions of play. It’s also nice to hold, looks nice, and is easy to clean plus.

I can’t find any major faults with this and for me, it’s the first vibrating masturbator that works a good as I could want from a vibrating toy.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this Rebel Ultra Soft Vibrating Silicone Masturbator for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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