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ElectraStim Pinwheel Metal Vs Silicone – Which should you buy?

by LSB
ElectraStim Pinwheels

Earlier this year I told you all about “What is Erotic Electrostimulation” and included lots of tips to play safe. I then when on to tell you all about how you can use Electrostim for solo and partnered sex. Today I am back to tell you even more ways you can play with Electrastim and specifically about the different types of ElectraStim pinwheel – the metal Vs the silicone.

ElectraStim Pinwheel – Metal Vs Silicone.

Which should you buy?

Ok, first things first, before you can use either of these pinwheels with Electrastim, the metal version, and the silicone fusion version, you actually need to own an Electrastim unit. There are a few different versions of them, we have the Flick Duo, which I will explain briefly in the review but you can read a more in-depth review of the ElectaStim Flick Duo here. You can of course, equally use both of these pinwheels without estim. But I just wanted to be clear, you will need a separate unit to plug into them to experience the electric aspect of the toys.

Ok so what that bit out of the way…

ElectraStim Metal Pinwheel

ElectraStim Pinwheel

Length: 170mm (6.7″)
Width: 30mm (1.2″)

The metal pinwheel is quite an evil MOFO without even including the electric aspect of it. Those spikes are sharp and the addition of the second wheel certainly adds to the evilness. However, I actually really enjoy it. There is something rather therapeutic about pinwheels for me. So much so that you could easily find me pinwheeling myself.

That said care is needed in use as the spikes are sharp enough to penetrate through the skin if pressure is applied.

I have the double pinwheel version but there is also a single wheel version too.

ElectraStim Silicone ‘Infinity’ PinwheelElectraStim Pinwheel

Length: 120mm (4.75″)
Width: 58mm (2.25″)
Depth: 35mm (1.4″)

So the biggest difference is, of course, this pinwheel is completely made from silicone and the next huge difference is the size! Designed, I guess to be less scary than the metal version, the silicone pinwheel’s spikes still have a bite to them. They can be pushed harder against the skin without fear of piercing like the metal ones can do. The unit is weightier than I was expecting and in my hand feels comfortable to hold. A ribbed surface under the handle and an index finger indent on top allowing the user to have maximum control of the pinwheel in use.

The silicone version comes as a double wheel, as standard. Wheels can be clipped out, which is awesome from a cleaning point of view.

In use – ElectraStim Metal Vs Silicone Pinwheel

So in use, the ElectraStim Pinwheels vary significantly. But before I tell you about the sensations, a little housekeeping tips!

  1. Both can be used below the waist only.
  2. Coat those spikes and your skin in conductor gel prior to use to get the maximum effect. Water-based lube will do the same job.
  3. Only power the unit on once you have touched the skin.
  4. And while sometimes we don’t always think, try power it off before removing from the skin too.

I wrote an in-depth post here about using the Flick Duo, but to make a long story short, it is super easy to use. Both need to be plugged into an estim device to experience the electricity aspect of the toy. To do that, you insert bi-polar wires, red and black pins, into the holes found at the bottom of the handle of each pinwheel, and then plug the other side into the top of your device.

Coat the spikes with conductor gel or water-based lube before use and then coat the area you are applying to too. There is definitely a difference in sensation if you use or don’t use the conductor gel. The intensity with both is greatly enhanced with conductor gel and this is most definitely the case with the silicone version.  Any area of my skin that had little amounts of conductor gel, I didn’t really feel the sensation at all. However, pushing against my skin and extra conductor gel made all difference.

So much so, I would actually say the silicone pinwheel allows me to feel more sensations because of how firm it can be pressed, it can be pushed against my skin quite hard. The metal version is extremely sharp, team that up with the electric sensations, it can feel overwhelming especially on my delicate areas, like my thighs. I sometimes, feel like I need more pressure to feel the sensations but equally feel like it could be too much. The metal one has pierced my skin, and I have enjoyed that but it isn’t for everyone.

However, it is all down to mood for me and what I crave and need. My body is capable of dealing with huge amounts of pain but equally, it can’t tolerate any at all. My mind and how I perceive pain plays massively in this and sometimes, I have a flare-up (fibro) and huge amounts of pain is a no-go for me.

So which ElectraStim Pinwheel should you buy?

Can I say both? Sorry! I know the entire point of this article was to help you make a decision and really my decision-making skills here suck because I think both are equally awesome.

I adore the metal one. It gives me sensations like no other pinwheel I have experienced. Sharp. Direct. Precise. Sometimes too much.

The silicone one though fills in perfectly when the metal one is too much. Still giving enough bite when pressure is applied.

If I were held against my will and made choose – I am actually going to say to silicone version! It gives me the sensations I enjoy from a pinwheel with added electricity. I like really hard, firm…. pressure (where did you think I was going there 😉 ) from a pinwheel. I like to really feel it pressed into my skin… I get all that from the Electriastim Infinity pinwheel!

Get the silicone version here

Get the metal version here


Please note: I am not a medical professional. These are my personal thoughts and experiences.  Please do not use electrical stimulation devices above the waist. If you have a pacemaker or have any health problems you feel may be affected by the use of an estim device, do not use one and please contact a medical professional for advice first.


All images are taken by me, bar two in the header image. Those belong to ElectraStim.

No affiliates are used in this post. It is not sponsored and as always, all thoughts are my own.

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