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Rebel Automatic Penis Pump

by LSB

Penis pumps are not new to me, and my current choice of pump is a Bathmate Hydromax. While I enjoy the Bathmate, the fact that it needs to be used in a bath/shower and is manually operated means I don’t use it as much as I’d like.

This is where the Rebel Automatic Penis Pump comes in. It doesn’t require the use of a shower or bath, and being automatic means I don’t have to manually pump, with both of these combined leading to a more relaxed time when I want to use the pump.

Packaging and first impressions of the Rebel Automatic Penis Pump

As this is a Rebel toy it has the same style packaging as all their other toys, so you get an image on the front of the box with some information on the back including how the buttons function. Inside the box, it’s pretty bare-bones, the Rebel Automatic Penis Pump is housed in some plastic bag and there is documentation. This pump is battery powered but takes 2 standard AA types rather than being rechargeable but no batteries are included in the box.

Out of the box, things look quite nice, there is a transparent cylinder that’s 16cm in insertion length and having a diameter of 5.7cm with a measuring scale on one side showing up to 16cm, a removable silicone sleeve, and 2 buttons up top where all the electronics are held with a slide off battery cover on the back which also has a small air hole.

In the hand, the Rebel Automatic Penis Pump feels light but the top portion where all the electronics are house feel solid and has a nice weight to it which helps the light feeling without making it feel cheap. The 2 buttons on the toy consist of a small power button and a larger button below it named push
A single press of the power button turns the toy on and starts the suction or as Rebel states “Vacuum” a further press of the power button put the toy into a suck and release mode where the toy does exactly that, it activates the suction and releases the suction constantly then with a press and hold of the power button the toy turns off.
The larger button named push has one function which is to release the suction.

The Rebel Automatic Penis Pump in use:

When it came time to use the pump, I lubed myself and the sleeve up, lay on my bed, and pressed the power button. Once the pump was close enough I felt it pull me in nicely which meant it had a good amount of suction, and it kept on bring me in further till I could press the toy against me and let it do its work.

When I was fully in with the pump still on it stretched me a good deal and was as comfortable as a pump can be. I then let it sit there for a bit and again it still felt comfortable. I then tried the suck and release function whereby I found it disappointing, to say the least.

The switching from suck to release to suck and so on happens within a second of each other, so you don’t get long enough to experience both.
In my option, I wish each part lasted a little longer where you could feel the suction of the toy more than a slow-release before it sucked you back in again. Because of this I ended up just manually getting this sensation through the push button where I could regulate how much suck I got before release and then regulating how much of a release I wanted before letting it suck me back in.

Being automatic I found it perfect to just turn it on lay back holding it in your hand and letting it go to work without any work on your part compared to a manual pump especially the Bathmate I have which can get tiring in your hands after a few pumps. This also allowed me to lay back and spend more time relaxing as I used the pump.

After the first use, I found cleaning to be reasonably easy other than some awkwardness with the cylinder. The sleeve is removable which was nice and I could easily run water into the cylinder to help but any marks on the inside of the cylinder not cleaned by water were a little trickier to get off.

To test the pump fully it requires constant uses, and so I tried to use it at every opportunity where not only could I use it but I was in the mood to use it. Each of these further uses not only did I find the suction of the pump to be excellent given that It uses AA batteries, but it was consistently comfortable. I’m not huge so fitting in was easy.

A bonus I found when using the pump was a great deal of pleasure when I was fully erect in the pump and had it kept on. The pleasure wasn’t enough to make me want to orgasm but it was great on the head of my penis I’m guessing down to the pressure inside.

After a lot of uses, I found no real change in size from using the pump, though with the Bathmate pump I own I also didn’t find any real change from using that either.

Overall thoughts then?

I like the Rebel Automatic Penis Pump. It looks good, is easy to use with only 2 buttons to worry about and it’s a comfortable pump in use. The suction it provides is great and beyond that, it can also provide a good amount of pleasure.
The automatic function makes it a relaxing toy to use like I stated, compared to manual pumps which can get tiring.

The pump is fairly easy to clean too and I can’t find any fault with beyond no size increase although that’s less to do with the toy and more a case of relating to all pumps in general.

Thanks to Orion for providing the product and LSB for allowing me to guest review once more.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this Rebel Automatic Penis Pump for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

No affiliate links have been used in the post.

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slave sindee November 13, 2020 - 10:42 pm

nice review i never thought of using one. now i am interested


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