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by LSB
Satisfyer High Fashion

When Little Switch Bitch offered to send me the Satisfyer High Fashion I happily said yes. I had read conflicting things on this one, but there is one review snippet that stands out in my memory. I will need to adlib but their findings were that the High Fashion had a different effect on the reviewer than the previous incarnations of Satisfyer air pulse technology.

For me this was intriguing. I hadn’t had success with either of the models I had tried before and wondered if this one would hit the spots that turned my insides out?

That moment when a new toy arrives and I finally get to hold it in my hands. I had charged the Pro 2 and tossed it from hand to hand before replacing it in the drawer before the parcel arrived. The memory fresh in my mind I excitedly removed the High Fashion from its pouch. The weight, a cool 414g. Impressive, for a toy that fits easily in my hand. But with the brushed aluminum exterior I would be suspicious if it weren’t. What was particularly pleasing though was the coolness. Again, metal will be cold, but it makes a refreshing difference to my mainly silicone or plastic-cased toy collection.

Giving myself the opportunity to really feel my latest addition I noted that the silicone head was much squishier than the Pro 2. As I attached the charger I wondered if this small change would make all the difference.

The next day I had the opportunity to try it out properly. I was more than a little excited, this was my chance! Running through the settings I could feel the powerful vibrations in my hand. Sitting back and getting comfortable I positioned the head on my clitoris and noted that this one was so quiet. There is little more distracting than a noisy sex toy, and Satisfyer has improved their offering with this one. It was a pleasure for my ears. Sadly though, not a pleasure for my clit. The vibrations didn’t translate to my body through the silicon head, and the airwave technology wasn’t enhanced by the squishier materials.

So, the frustration grew, and as a result I couldn’t turn it off!

I have been lucky to have a wide selection of toys in my possession over the years, and never have I failed to be able to turn one off. (On maybe, but off?) I looked at the instructions and couldn’t find out any more detailed instructions than the little pictures. This didn’t help me so I headed for google. The vibrating metal piece of equipment making my mattress rumble while I scratched my head, NOT the whisper-quiet thing I had been trying to enjoy 5 minutes previously.

The internet yielded results and told me what I should have known instinctively, as it is the same as other models. Hold the – button for 2 seconds! Hooray!! (Not sure why I had struggled so!)

Later in the week, I had a task to complete, and to quell my nerves I decided to edge all week, using only the high fashion. The plan wasn’t to orgasm, just to get to know the toy, relax with my favourite game and distract myself from what was to prove challenging at the end of the week.

I tried everything I could think of to get a physical reaction from this one: sat up, kneeling, in the shower (this is waterproof for up to half an hour in water up to 1m deep), lying on my back resting it on me, laying on it… You have to give it to Satisfyer, they have created a versatile toy. In the end, I asked a friend for advice. Long time airwave technology fan, SWL. Following her instructions, I was finally able to find a little spot where it felt… nice.

But nice doesn’t set the world on fire. And by that I mean it doesn’t bring me anywhere near the edge.

Not to worry though, it would be boring if we were all the same. And as SWL cites the Satisfyer Pro Penguin as her go-to wank buddy I wondered if she would be willing to give this one a go.

She agreed so I took it down on my next visit, and I am pleased I thought to ask as she gave a much more balanced review.

Much like the Penguin, she achieved her first orgasm within 5 minutes, and over her trials, this remained consistent. The exception to this was when she used the varying patterns. These meant that she could enjoy a slower build and a longer play as they each just kept her from going over the edge.

The softer broader cup fits over the nipple too, which gives a gentle sucking motion. This is nice (that word again) but not powerful enough to bring about any real pleasure.

This head feels gentler than the firmer one on the penguin, but she only found that useful when the vibrations are on. Generally, though, the vibrations were more of a distraction to her, overriding the suck motion and providing a buzzy sensation.

The length of it meant that she could rest it on the bed and enjoy it working hard on her while her hands were free was a bonus.

SWL wasn’t keen on the coldness, reinforcing that we are all different as this was my favourite part. And she noted “there’s nothing grippy so it gets dropped easily” when holding in cold, dry, or even just normal hands. Due to the cold, smooth metal that tapers off to a point, unless her hands were clammy, she found it difficult to grip and it would seemingly pop out of her hands.

“Like a comedy cartoon banana?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly that!” was her enthusiastic response, and we melted into laughter.

Her takeaway was that it was “a good toy, but I have reverted to the Pro Penguin”. In fact, the unreplaceable silicone head, the buzzy vibrations which detract from the sucking motion, and the sleek, un-grip-able finish meant that this one has been relegated to her toy bag as a “good backup”. She certainly wouldn’t replace it with the hefty price tag of £106.95. Again, preferring her no-frills, guaranteed orgasm toy, the Penguin coming in at £44.95.


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I sent the Satisfyer High Fashion to the lovely BareFootSub in exchange for an honest and impartial review. What BareFootSub honestly thinks, you read!

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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