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Vibrating Glans Sucker Review

by LSB
vibrating glans sucker

When I buy toys or get the chance to pick them for review, there’s usually a reason behind why I picked a particular one. For the Vibrating Glans Sucker though, it’s simply a case of liking the way it looked from the photos, and how it was described on the product page getting me interested to try it out.

Packaging and First impressions of the Vibrating Glans Sucker

The toy comes nicely packaged in a cardboard box with a window to show the toy, and plenty of information is contained throughout the outer box. The contents within are the toy itself, a Mico-USB charging cable, and some documentation.

Upon handling the toy I noticed it was very lightweight, but still had a heft to it. You’re not going to get fatigued from using it due to any weight, and it is reasonably comfortable to hold.  On one end of the toy is the USB port and just round from that the 3 main buttons, which are suction, release suction, and vibration. The suction button is a single press to turn on, and a hold to turn off, whereas the release button is a single press for a small release then the longer it is pressed the more pressure is released. The vibration button is a single press to turn on, then a single press to cycle through the 3 modes, and finally a long press to turn it off.

This is a rechargeable toy and the box states a charge time of 240 minutes with a runtime of up to 120 minutes. While the charge time might seem a bit long, especially in the age of fast charging smartphones, the runtime is pretty good, as even on my longest session with a toy I don’t think I’d run out of juice with this.

Having cleaned the toy before first use and charged it up, I tested the vibration function where I immediately noticed the not so quiet noises emitted from it. These noises while reasonably loud were also not particularly pleasant to my ears.  Even for myself who lives with a deaf person in the house, and who can get with various noises, I certainly wouldn’t want to be using the vibrations on this toy very often.

The inside of the toy has some sticky out nodules and a slightly longer one in the middle which moves a bit more, these are used with the vibrations to provide pleasure.

The toy in use:

After lubing up read to use the toy, I turned on the suction and was very impressed from the off. It was strong enough to pull me in and the pressure felt strong once I was in fully.

Upon stopping the suction I was still held in tight and found the release to work well in not only fully releasing me but allowing me to loosen the pressure as little or as much as I wanted till I got comfortable.

With the suction fully on, I then turned on the vibrations which were quite pleasurable, although the noise was unbearable if I was pushed right up against the inside of the toy. I let some pressure out so the nodules were just touching the head of my penis and this alleviated some of the noises issues and again was pleasurable to some degree but not as much as I’d hoped.

On my second use, I decided to play with the suctions more, leaving it on to pull me in then using the release button for a hands-free backward and forwards motion which when fully lubed up was very pleasurable especially as it went through the sleeve. It may not be meant for this type of use, and with a softer more textured sleeve it could be even better, but I feel like it’s something I might do from time to time.

Being pump, the product page states “If used regularly, the glans pump can thicken and enlarge the tip of the penis”

I have used the toy many times in a pump like fashion allowing it to just sit on me while I was able to set a pleasurable level of suction that wasn’t uncomfortable, and while I can’t say I’ve noticed any change with the tip of my penis, I’m sure some more extended use would show some kind of results.

When it comes to cleaning I was a bit hesitant in what I was doing. The sleeve is easily removable to wash but I wasn’t keen on getting water inside the cylinder as I noticed after my first clean there was a small amount of water spitting out of the air hole. I decided with future cleans I would use a damp cloth to minimize how much water goes into the toy just in case it causes damage.

The more I used the toy in the coming days, the more I was pretty happy with the suction aspect and less impressed with the vibrations. I liked the feeling of being sucked into the cylinder and just having it on me while I say, watched a few short YouTube videos on my phone before releasing it for a bit then going again.

Touching the tip of my penis was where I should have had the best pleasure but it never felt as good as it should, and when I was pressed against the toy the vibes were better but then the noises from the vibration and suction were awful.

Charging up the toy after or before every use was easy enough that I don’t need to go into detail, but I will say the use of a standard Micro-USB cable is great. It means if the old cable stops working or you lose it then it’s easy to replace, with either one of the many you may already have at home, or one you can find in many different stores for not a lot of money.

My overall feelings on Vibrating Glans Sucker

As a pump first and foremost I feel like it does the job well, with great suctions and an easy release helping it feel very nice to use. Being able to release a small amount of pressure was also great in helping the suction to feel comfortable when using it as a pump.

When using the suctions features more for masturbation, it was again very nice and pleasurable, allowing it to go back and forwards on me while also getting fun from the suction.

As for the vibrations, they were noisy and just didn’t do anything for me, unless I was pressed in the toy, but then this made the vibration noises even worse.

Cleaning the sleeve was easy, and once I started using a cloth to clean the cylinder it was also easy enough to do, whereby I could sit the toy up and let it air dry for as long as needed.

Overall then, I like the pump and suction part of the toy, dislike the vibration but might see myself using the former more often with the prospect of possible penis tip enlargement.

Huge thanks to Orion for providing the toy and for LSB for posting the review on her site.


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this Vibrating Glans Sucker for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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