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Rebel masturbator with 2 functions

posted by LSB October 14, 2020 0 comments
Rebel masturbator with 2 functions

When it comes to reviewing new toys I took a look in my toy chest and decided that I should mix it up in terms of what I have for at least one review and so here we are with the Rebel masturbator with 2 functions
(Yes I have a large wooden chest where my toys are stored but sadly it’s not as fancy as say a pirates treasure chest hehe).

Packaging and First Impressions of the Rebel masturbator with 2 functions

Upon receiving the Rebel masturbator with 2 functions and looking at the box, my immediate thought was how much this looked like a hairdryer. The design of the product does look like one which isn’t a bad thing.
The box has lots of images, sizing, and descriptions of the functions for the toy, and how it’s intended to be used. Contained within the box are the main toy itself, a USB charging cable with a standard USB plug on one end and a 2.5mm jack on the other end which goes into the toy plus a fold-out manual in a variety of different languages.

Once out the packaging, you noticed just how glossy the toy is on its main body. At the bottom of the handle is where the main controls are along with the charging port of which charging is stated at 120 minutes with a runtime of 60 minutes.

The controls available are a power button, vibration button and a 3rd button which activates the back and forward jerking motion plus cycles through the 3 different speed. Each button requires a single press to operate with the 2 main function buttons having a 3-second press to turn off whereas the power buttons 3-second press locks and unlocks the toy.

The inside of the toy has several ridged portions on either side of a textured section in the middle and its main purpose is to move back and forward to simulate a jerking motion. The jerking motion has 3 main speeds and it gets going reasonably well on it’s highest setting but is not amazingly fast.

The Rebel masturbator with 2 functions in use:

When it came to using the toy for the first time, I lay on my bed all lubed up and turned it on whereby my excitement levels rose as I saw the toy in action, but as soon as I stuck my penis In I was severely disappointed.
The back and word motions were going at their highest setting but nothing was happening, I wasn’t feeling any kind of jerking like pleasure that I had hoped for and even the added element with the vibrations didn’t help, so after a short while I gave up and moved onto a different toy to finish my session.

This disappointment continued over other several uses, whereby I lubed up more, tried holding the toy sideways, and making various adjustments beforehand to ensure I was fully ready before going in but each time nothing helped and again nor did turning on the vibe help in any way.
The feeling I got from the toy was that the opening was too big, and for someone like me who’s not very girthy when erect, I was only getting sensations from one part of the toy. There was no grip all around me like other masturbators have or even a grip from my hand, due in part to as I mentioned the opening is too big, and not being held tight in the toy made the back and forwards motions feel weak alongside the vibrations.

I ended up putting the toy aside for a few days before deciding to come back and see if I could make it work for me, and surprisingly things changed slightly and I managed to extract some nice pleasure from the toy.
Putting a towel down, I lay on my bed, the masturbator in one hand, lube next to me, and set off on some fun. Initially, I tried using the toy again as the box suggested but got nowhere, and so I began to experiment with positions, angles, and the way I was laying down and found a great position.
I had the toy sat at a particular angle, held in place with my thighs, and after turning it on I started to feel it work quite well, the pressure against me was just enough to make the motions be felt by me in ways I hadn’t managed to get up to that point. I was even able to lay back and go hands-free allowing the toy to do its thing, and when turning on the vibrations it added slightly to the pleasure, but as strong as the vibes seem they don’t translate well in use.

The pleasure from the toy in this session was great and I was able to go all the way to orgasm using this toy.

After my good session, I then attempted to copy it on further uses of the toy but I found it just wasn’t happening. I couldn’t find that right angle/position and was always disappointed each time with the lack of pleasure I was getting. Again I found the size of the opening and lack of grip around my penis was one of the reasons for this. The toy would be doing its motion, but I could never feel it all that well.

Clean up after each use was particularly easy as the toy is open-ended, so I ran warm water through the toy, twisting it round to get it all cleaned. Once cleaned I let it dry and again being opened ended helped with the drying. I was careful not to get too much water near the controls, charging port but felt like a little splash would be OK and not damage the toy in any way.

My overall thoughts on the Rebel masturbator with 2 functions then?

I was looking forward to this toy, and initial impressions were fantastic.
The toy looks nice, almost hairdryer-like, and the finish is of a high standard so doesn’t feel cheap in any way. The jerking/back and forwards motion of the toy on its own were impressive along with the vibrations, getting me excited to use the toy for the first time.

Also, the runtime of 60minutes is more than enough to get good use without worrying about it running out of juice, at least for me anyway.

Sadly though, these initial impressions didn’t translate well to use of the toy, and I was severely disappointed with it.

In the many uses I got, I was only able to extract and kind of pleasure once, and felt like as much as the jerking motions of the toy were great, when in actual use they did nothing for me, again as I mentioned having no grip on my penis, same going for the vibrations as well.
During the one time I did get pleasure, that was mostly because I had to force it into a position where it could work, rather than the toy just being pleasurable on its own which is a shame as it means I couldn’t just grab the toy and go whenever or wherever I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an impressive toy the way it works with it’s jerking motions but I just didn’t get along with it as I’d hoped for the reasons I’ve mentioned above. Again a huge thanks to Littleswitchbitch and Orion for the chance to review the Rebel masturbator.


You can buy your own Rebel masturbator with 2 functions here


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this Rebel masturbator with 2 functions for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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