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Blowmotion Sensa Touch Warming Rechargeable Masturbator

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Blowmotion is the new brand by the folks over at Lovehoney and from what I can see so far the brand mainly focuses on penis-based pleasure. This particular review is about the Blowmotion Sensa Touch Warming Rechargeable Masturbator – we also received the Blowmotion suction masturbator too.

Both titles mention ‘male’ in the title but actively going forward for some time now, I have in fact opted to remove genders from my reviews and specifically talk about the part in question ie. vulva/penis rather than male or female. As far as I am aware, Lovehoney is now working towards being less gendered too – of course, none of this affects how the toy works I figured I best mention it as the wording is visible in the packaging below.

Packaging and first impressions of the Blowmotion Sensa Touch Warming Rechargeable Masturbator

My OH is well impressed with the clean, simple, and tasteful packaging. I noticed Lovehoney have coordinated the colours of the box and the toy – that beautiful turquoise colour also features as part of the toy itself, which pleases me.

Removing the toy outta the box, you actually can’t help but notice how smooth, soft, and velvet-like the silicone is! The toy is completely seam-free. I wondered if it would be draggy in use because past experiences with silicone that soft often means drag in use. One side, where the buttons are is solid and firm while the other is super squishy, allowing the user to squeeze and grip the toy in use. The dual-layered silicone is super squishy and again, those penis envy feelings start creeping in again.

My OH thinks the toy looks like a large mouth and I would be inclined to agree.

Buttons, what they do and charging your toy

The Blowmotion Sensa Touch Warming Rechargeable Masturbator has 4 buttons. Starting from the base of the toy – or the entrance is the power button, which looks like your typical power button. This button powers on/off the toy and is also responsible for flicking through the different modes of vibration. There are 3 speeds and 7 different patterns to choose from. You need to hold down the button for a few seconds to both power it on and off.

The next button is the turbo button, which is represented by a bolt of lightning! I guess the reason why is if you fancy jacking off at lightning speeds the turbo button boots the power of the toy by 20% to get you over the finish line extra fast – a handy addition for a super quick wank!

The next button is the warming function, a red sunshine! The function needs to be turned on and allowed time to warm up before use. I would recommend coating the inside of your toy in a water-based lube at this point, that way it can be heating up and will a nice ant pasty 40 degrees before you pop yourself inside.

The final button is the sensa touch button. Basically that is a fancy way of describing the toy is touch-sensitive! Very handy function if you live with folks and need to power off instantly! Yes, it is that responsive. In fact, I would personally recommend using the Blowmotion Sensa Touch Warming Rechargeable Masturbator in that mode fulltime if you live with people because the toy is loud and gets louder when you pop on the turbo function. However, the turbo function does not actually work while you are in the sensa mode, which is a pity!

Oh and finally, the power and sensa button held together while putting the toy in travel mode function – a light will flash to indicate it has been activated and the same process deactivates the feature.

The toy is charged via a pin style charger that sinks into self-healing silicone and the point can be found at the base of the toy! My OH hates these style chargers and worries about the longevity. He wondered why it wasn’t a magnetic style charging point like the  Blowmotion suction masturbator.

In use:

The style of the Blowmotion Sensa Touch Warming Rechargeable Masturbatoris a big hit with my OH. He loves the open-ended design – from a cleaning perspective it works, you can top up lube in use without needing to remove yourself from the toy, and also no air gets built up so you can thrust fast if you choose to. He adores the soft, squishy sides and how they allow him to apply pressure where he wants to feel it.

The inside of the toy is ribbed and he loves this feature. He personally likes to hold the toy buttons down towards his legs. That way he can really feel the internal ribbed silicone against his head, exactly how he likes it!

He does feel like the mouth style entrance is ever too slightly too big for him but likes how the toy gets narrower inside. He enjoys the vibrations at middle speeds as he feels they can be buzzy and wasp-like at higher speeds.

Overall thoughts on the Blowmotion Sensa Touch Warming Rechargeable Masturbator

Overall he loves the look and the feel of the vibe. It is comfortable to hold and use. The weight isn’t deading and mentioned not to get lube on the outside of the toy in use as you would lose grip.

He feels the vibrations let the toy down though. The toy is otherwise perfect but sadly, those vibrations just make him switch out for another toy, which is a pity! The heating function feels good and works a treat. Yayyyy for warm toys!

You can buy the Blowmotion Sensa touch warming vibrator here from | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney EU |


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The Blowmotion Sensa touch warming vibrator was sent to me from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Blowmotion Sensa touch warming vibrator are taken by myself.

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