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Tenga Flip Orb White V Black Review

posted by LSB September 29, 2020 1 Comment
Tenga Flip Orb White Vs Black

Back in August last year, I told you all about the Flip Orb Orange Crash. Well now, I am back with a comparison post – Tenga Flip Orb White V Black… Or the soft, original version Vs the strong, firm version!

I actually received all versions – The Tenga Flip Orb in Orange Crash and Blue Rush, as well both versions of the Tenga Flip Orb Strong. However, I actually gave the blue rush version of the original to my friend to try. He is a complete newbie to sex toys, so I thought it would be awesome to get a perspective from a new user point of view. So his review will be on the blog soon.

If this is your first time using a Tenga masturbator, one of the best things about them is how they have designed the entrance to the sleeve. It literally creates a seal around your shaft meaning that no lube will escape during use and nothing will escape once you are done either which allows for super easy cleanup!

As always the Tenga Flip Orbs come with instructions and 2 sachets of Tenga real lotion (read an in-depth review about the Tenga lube range here) – I just love that Tenga includes lube with their products. It means once you have given your new toy a wash – you can dive straight in – or plunge deep, whichever you fancy! Definitely a welcome addition for sex toy newbies 🙂

The idea behind the Tenga Flip Orbs is there are pads placed on the outside of the sleeve (highlighted in colour – orange or blue depending on which version you own). These allow you to control and manage the pressure you apply and where exactly you want it. What makes this Flip model different in comparison to others is the shape is now more hourglass-shaped, allowing the user to get a better grip and maintain contact with those buttons/pads in use.

So the main question the Tenga Flip Orb White V Black? Which is better?

As always, my OH opts to put his hole warmer in (read about it here) before inserting himself – he actually lubes the toy up first and then inserts himself. That why the lube heats up too! He hates cold lube!

In use, he feels little difference between the Tenga Flip Orb White Vs Black Orange Crash! The bumps, balls, and overall design of the material inside is exactly the same. The material should feel firmer but for him, it actually doesn’t. This however all changes when he compared the White Flip Orb Orange Crash to the Black Strong Blue Rush.

He feels the material is far firmer in the blue version and he loves it! In fact, he actually raved on about the Orange Crash so much last year when he tested however, he says he prefers the internal textures on the Strong Blue Rush. Maybe it is the novelty of trying something new? But in all honestly, it is really rare than something Tenga has produced doesn’t please him. The Blue Rush textures have lots of bumpy ridges that he really enjoys and even now, I think if I pushed him to pick a favourite I have a feeling the Blue version would win!


Personally, for me(I always have to lube a finger and investigate), I find the suction of the Strong version to be far more superior to the original version. I have no idea why as sadly, I don’t have a penis. Tenga toys honestly always give me such feels for not having a penis attached to me, lol. I think it is down to extra material making it more textured and therefore tighter in the process. Actually mentioning that – my OH also confirms that faster wanks can be achieved with the Stronger, textured version and if you want slower, time out ones, then go with the white, original version.

As always, clean up is super easy. Slight pressure on the seam to split the toy in half and make sure to wash well as lube can get trapped in the lumps and bumps of the toy!

I hope you enjoyed our review of the Tenga Flip Orb White V Black and it helps you chose which toy you want.


If interested, you can purchase the Tenga Flip Orb Strong Orange Crash at Lovehoney here

or others from the Tenga Flip range at Lovehoney here


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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the TENGA Flip Orbs for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by me.

Affiliate links have been used in the post.


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Fred Strunk September 30, 2020 at 11:30 pm

Great Review On The Tenga Flip! I Bought The Blue Rush! Thanks For Your Detailed Review!


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