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Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator

by LSB

While I can’t say I’ve tried every single masturbator out there, I have had the pleasure of owning a good few, including some from well-known brands like Tenga, Fleshlight, and Satisfyer. Despite this experience with lots of masturbators, I had yet to experience any pleasure from a warming type until now where I’m reviewing the Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator (Now that’s a handful to say hehe). 

Packaging and first impressions of the Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator


As the name suggests this is a warming toy, but not only does it warm it also vibrates via 6 different modes which one piece of information on the box states “for authentic feelings” when describing the warming and vibrations of the toy.

As this is a rechargeable toy, the stated charge time is 180 minutes and a runtime of 60 minutes when used with the highest vibration level both of which seem reasonable for a rechargeable toy, and for me, at least the 60 minutes of use is more than enough with one toy. 

The warming feature is stated to reach around 40c which seems like a reasonable temp, not too hot but not too cool, although I can’t say what it’s like compared to others as I say this is my first warming toy.

On top of the toy are 4 self-explanatory buttons and an LED light. You have the main power button which also cycles through the 6 included modes, plus and minus buttons which increase and decrease the vibration levels respectively, and finally, a thermometer icon which toggles the warming function on and off. There are also several grooved areas on the outside of the toy where your fingers can rest when gripping which is a nice little extra.

The LED in normal operation flashes green in sync with the vibration patterns for each mode you’re in, but then when the warming function is active it turns orange.

One nice thing to note straight out of the gate is that the vibrations and warming function are separate from each other. This means you can have the warming function on without the vibe, the vibe on without warming or have them both on for twice the pleasure. Again I can’t say if this is normal for a warming toy, but it’s nice to have the choice depending on what mood you’re in.

In use:

When it came to first use, after washing the toy as I always do when getting new toys, I lubed up ready to insert myself into the opening which is fairly wide although not reasonably deep but not overly so, and somewhat shaped like a mouth. As this is shaped like a mouth there are no internal textures on the inside of the toy which isn’t a negative but something I thought I should mention, and for me, it wasn’t a problem.

My initial reaction wasn’t that great as I went in with an idea of the toy in my head and what it would be like, so while not 100% different in real life it wasn’t exactly what I thought in my head. To be clear, I knew what the toy was and what it did, I just had an idea in my head from this of what it might be like.

Once I was aware of the exact nature of the toy and began to play again my immediate reaction was WOW. There is nowhere on the box or Orion site for that matter which mentions any form suction on this toy, but oh boy I certainly felt some strong suction which made it nice and tight when I was in it, which would, in turn, help the vibrations to pleasure you.

After the first use, I realised that the toy doesn’t seem to be a traditional masturbator where you get pleasure from vertical stroking motions, but rather I felt like it was a toy where the vibrations and heat are meant to do all the work or a lot of it anyway. This was one of the initial thoughts I had of the toy, being able to stroke with it which wasn’t the case.

Having got used to the toy on me, I played around with the vibrations and found the 6 different modes to be pretty good in terms of their pattern which means there should be something for everyone. There is also 3 different levels of intensity to the vibrations so you can start light and work your way to strong, or just find the right intensity and pattern that works for you. I prefer the vibrations on constant and at a high intensity which is possible here, and I can turn it on and off manually throughout my play which is something I also like to do when trying to prolong my session.


I’ve not seen any indication to say the toy is waterproof, so I held back on shower use, as I didn’t want to kill the toy right away. Looking at the charging port and overall design of the toy I was confident that the odd splashing from a vigorous clean would be OK and this was true when it came to cleaning up.

The warming function doesn’t take too long to start heating up, and steadily gets to the max 40c or so temp that is stated on the box reasonably quick.
As I’m new to warming toys, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about and on my first use it was fairly nice, but as I got used to the toy I did find it feel a bit too warm for my liking when it got to the full temp.

It may be that I’m just not used to the heat this produces and the more I used it the comfortable I’ll be, or I may not like it where others would like it.

Being held tightly in the toy due to the strong suction I mentioned earlier, it made the vibrations that much better. On the highest setting, it may not be earth-shatteringly strong, but it certainly does the job especially when you get it on the right spot. The more I used the  Sweet Smile For Men Rechargeable Warming Masturbator the more I began to find out what worked best for me and what gave me the best pleasure.

Playing about with the vibration patterns and strength while maneuvering the toy was certainly fun. Also putting the vibration on high and constant then finding the sweet spot as I lay back in bed was just as fun especially when I could do this hands-free.

Another pleasure point I found was rotating the toy around the head of your penis with any one of the vibrations modes set to high. As I’ve mentioned, there aren’t any internal textures within the Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator, but even so, the rotating action provided good pleasure and something a bit different.

While this certainly isn’t a stroking toy as I alluded to, I did find you could play with the vibration on the head of the penis and stroke a little which again produced some excellent pleasure and was certainly a highlight for me.


Summing up thought on Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator


When picking out this toy for review I was initially keen on the warming function of it, and this was still true when it arrived. Surprisingly though the warming became my 2nd thought as I began to play and realise there was so much more to this toy than I thought.

Not only does the toy hold you in nice tight but the vibrations are excellent. Again they’re not earth-shattering, though when combined with this tight fit they certainly work wonders and enhance the pleasure. There is a good array of vibrations patterns to suit most people although there is not a huge range between the lowest and highest intensity.

You may not have a huge amount of options for play beyond vibration and warming, but there are lots of ways you can experiment with here, and the spinning of the toy was one I very much enjoyed. The warming function is nice and at times I did find it nice, but overall it felt a bit too warm and not for me right now. I may end up liking it when I use the toy long term but initially, it’s a no for me.


Overall then, I love the Sweet Smile Rechargeable Warming Masturbator, it’s going to go into my rotation of masturbation toys and get used plenty when I’m in the mood.


Big thanks to LSB for the guest review spot and Orion for sending the product for review.


You can buy your own Sweet Smile Masturabtor here


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As always thank you to Orion for sending this Sweet Smile toy for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

No affiliate links have been used in the post.



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slave sindee September 25, 2020 - 1:05 pm

nice review

oxyfromsg September 26, 2020 - 9:27 am

Not something i have considered before but now its very much on my radar


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