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TENGA Spinner BEADS 05 Review

posted by LSB September 23, 2020 0 comments

Do you remember back in January 2019 when we reviewed the Tenga Spinner Hexa? The Hexa is part of the original Spinner family 1 – 3. Well, Tenga has since released another 3 Spinners: 4 – 6, and this time we are road testing the Tenga Spinner Beads.

Recently, my guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing, reviewed the Spinner Brick, which you can check out here. They loved it and their review made us even more excited to test out the latest member of the Spinner family we received to test, the Tenga Spinner Beads.

So as I mentioned above the Spinner Beads is number 5 out of a set of 6 different Spinners. The other models are the Tetra, Hexa, Shell, Pixel, and Brick.

Each Spinner is classed according to diameter, firmness, and stimulation and the Beads version seems to be band smack in the middle of all 3 with a little extra pushing towards the stim side.

This Tenga Spinner Beads is actually quite similar to the Hexa when it comes to Tenga’s little triangular graph. It will be interesting to see how they far against each other in use.



Packaging and washing the Tenga Spinner Beads:

The Spinner comes inside a solid, plastic sleeve style case which doubles up as a handy storage case when not in use. The toy sits in a clear drying which you can fully pop out of the case itself. (You can see it in the images below) Once, you have washed your toy, you simply turn it upside down and let it drip dry. Tenga does not recommend turning your toy inside out as you can do with other toys because of the spring mechanism inside the toy. You could in fact pierce through the TPE material as it is quite soft. Now I don’t actually have any experience with this myself but the coil is quite firm so I could see it happening if you tried to do that.

Each Spinner comes with two sachets of real lotion lube and an instruction manual. Each version also has a different colour coil to distinguish which version it is.

In use:

As mentioned in the other Spinner reviews, you need a lot of lube on you and in the toy. Tenga supply you which two sachets of real hole lotion which is my OH’s favourite lube ever and honestly he just never stops raving about it! His to-go-to one at the minute is the mild version. So anyway, lots of lube. As mentioned before he found it best to put a tiny pinprick hole at the top of the toy as otherwise, he finds it sucks too much and doesn’t want to let go…. Who knew I had so much in common with a Spinner? 😀

Once you have lubed up well and the toy, you slide yourself in and twist the coil and the Spinner sucks you in. Using two hands he has found is the best way to work with Spinner. One hand by the base of the toy and the other twisting the coil. Once you twist it enough, you can let go and it moves itself. Given the noises he made, I am guessing the beads version is just as enjoyable as the Hexa.

He has said the Beads are ever so slightly more textured and therefore have more stim than the Hexa but each is unique and equally as good as the other. In fact, he cannot choose between them.

My OH loves Tenga toys and Tenga has converted him into a lube user. They are consistent with the toys they produce and honestly, I personally will be surprised if he ever ends up with a toy from Tenga he doesn’t enjoy!

Points to note:

This toy does need a little extra care as it can’t be fully turned inside out to clean. You need to be gentle washing it but equally, it needs to be washed well as it is full of lumps and bumps.

Also, the pinprick hole is down to user discretion and Tenga doesn’t mention it but he has just found the Spinner works better in use for him when it there.

Overall, another top-notch addition to the Spinner family. Tenga won a red dot award for this idea and honestly, it is not surprising why! Clever, unique, and fun!

If interested, you can purchase the TENGA TETRA at Lovehoney here (only version they stock)


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As always thank you to TENGA for sending the TENGA Spinner Brick for an honest and impartial review. All images displayed of TENGA Brick are taken by guest reviewer, We Fear Nothing!

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